The Crimean Russian or Russian in Crimea?

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The Crimean Russian or Russian in Crimea?

In Crimea the first session of Russian expert club «Crimean prospect» has taken place. Leading Crimean political scientists, deputies of republican parliament, leaders of political parties and public organisations have discussed prospects of uniform Russian political movement in Crimea.

As the speaker of expert club, political scientist Andrey Nikiforov has noted in the comment «New Region», the session theme is chosen in connection with occurrence in Crimea political association «Russian unity».

«The theme is substantially cast by that there was now an appreciable shift and movement of Russian organisations towards to each other on creation of such powerful political association», — Nikiforov has told.

In his opinion, session of Russian expert club has once again confirmed necessity of consolidation of opinions of the Crimean experts and politicians on variety important and principle questions.

«During discussion there was an attempt to define — who is Crimean Russian. It is all the same a certain ethnic group of the population of peninsula, or is a generality uniting round various ethnic layers of the Crimean population for which Russian is native and which is formed in a bosom of Russian culture, with characteristic certain unity of political views, — Nikiforov has noted. — Approaches here are different».

According to the expert, there is an opinion that on the basis of Russian and Russian culture in Crimea the new ethnic generality which does not oppose itself to Russian people but which is a certain integrity is formed, as a matter of fact. Others speak about somebody regional community which has character of neighbour’s association, instead of an ethnic group.

«It is a question not so much the further discussions, how many researches, — Nikiforov considers. — Scientific value of similar meetings that people can подискутировать on those themes which they study».

Besides, participants of «a round table» from a Russian side have shown, as in Russia among experts too does not exist on Russian question of unity, as well as on Russian question in Ukraine and in Crimea in particular.

«There it too is considered variously enough: that Crimea should become some kind of an example of association and joint political action for all Russian, before orientation of the Crimean Russian to a position of diaspora which should start to struggle for the group rights as the national minority», — was told by Nikiforov.

He has added that possibly the true lies somewhere in the middle, but its searches will demand carrying out yet one this sort of discussion and certain practical actions in which frameworks just and it will be checked up — and that actually itself represents this Crimean regional community and whether it is possible to name it «the Crimean Russian».

«The most important thing that conversation has occurred, — the expert considers. — and that there is no unity on the given problem, testifies to its complexity».

Complexity of a problem has poured out for lack of the total resolution of «a round table». The document should become attempt to unite very much different views and approaches to Russian political movement in Crimea. However corrective amendments in the offered project have shown that process of association of Russian and Prorussian organisations is not the one-stage.

«It (process -« НР ») long enough also it is possible to tell a comment about its beginning. As it will go further where to see its borders, in this plan to politicians interestingly enough and to participate in expert sessions and to express the opinions», — Nikiforov considers.

He has added that as a certain example of association participants of «a round table» resulted Crimean Tatar national movement. Thus that Medzhlis very rigidly spends a line on the individual right is proxy to represent interests of the Crimean Tatar people, in this movement there are enough organisations which do not recognise Medzhlis, but are in a channel of national political movement of the Crimean Tatars.

«This movement has certain principles which adhere all — and in frameworks of Medzhlis and oppositional to it, — the expert has underlined. — most likely, we never will achieve full and absolute unity of all politically active Russian who would create the uniform organisation. It is a question of other: that Russian people irrespective of where and in what political party realise the political activity, adhered to certain general principles, including through the general coordination. It besides political movement« Russian unity »as an institution» is created.

Nikiforov has informed that Russian expert club will gather once a month and each session will be devoted actual at present to a theme, or can be dated for significant events for Crimea. Following session is planned to devote to the Crimean autonomy, it will be dated for day of Autonomous republic Crimea on January, 20th.

On materials: news agency «New Region — Crimea»


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