The Public Is Against Barbarity

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The Public Is Against Barbarity

From mass media — «the Crimean truth», «Region-Crimea», various Internet sites — it became known that illegal, as a matter of fact barbarous, attempt of building of cafe by the son of chairman of Milli Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev Hajser Dzhemilev in territory of the Khan palace in Bakhchisarai, the most valuable history-architectural monument of the Crimean Tatars recently has been made.

For discussion and acceptance of measures concerning this disturbing information, on July, 26th this year in Simferopol the meeting of public organisations on which the decision to create the commission from representatives of public organisations is accepted has been held and for situation studying immediately to leave to Bakhchisarai.

Into commission structure have entered: Rustem Beljalov («Arkadash»), Robesper Gralov (Milli Firka), Abdureshit Dzhepparov («Milli hareket partiyasi»), Jakub Ipchi («Irade»), Rustem Emirov (the Organization of national revival of «Crimeas-yurtas»).

Journalists of newspapers «Voice of Crimea» and «Peninsula» have been invited.

After the arrival in the Khan palace the territory of prospective building where two workers filled the platform with a ground nearby 7х8 has been examined. Then committee-men and present journalists had conversation with the director of the Bakhchsarai historical and cultural reserve E. Petrov in his office. Since first minutes of conversation E.Petrov has named doubtful the information which has filtered into the press on prospective building of cafe and has named its provocation of Committee on a science and culture of Supreme Rada ARC. However, he recognised further that somehow walking with Hajser on the Persian court yard, they discussed a question that it is quite good to construct a coffee house here.

The commission has considered necessary to continue the work on a non-admission of barbarous building and to involve public in this question.

Rustem Beljalov, Robesper Gralov, Abdureshit Dzhepparov, Jakub Ipchi, Rustem Emirov


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