The Trail of Blood Murder of Norik Shirin Has Broken in Tashkent?

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The Trail of Blood Murder of Norik Shirin Has Broken in Tashkent?

In the end of May on the main television channel «Uzbekistan» out of a grid of an announcement and without any preliminary summary the first part of a documentary film about group of the extremists guilty of murders and attempts at religious figures and the high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the summer of 2009 in Tashkent has been shown.

Next day the second part has followed. The film had no name and has soon appeared on the Internet under the conditional name «Hunrezlik» («Slaughter, bloodshed».). Its demonstration became the first official information on these loud crimes since September, 2009.

«On perfect murders operatively-search actions have been organised. The operative information that in territory of Uzbekistan the extremist group headed by the unknown person by name of Umar operates has preliminary been received. Later on a photo it has been established that this person was wanted for participation in terrorist actions on February, 16th, 1999 (that day in different parts of Tashkent six explosives have blown up, as a result were lost 16 and have been wounded more than 100 persons; the authorities have placed responsibility for acts of terrorism on there are also international terrorist organisations.), had training terrorist preparation in the Chechen Republic and Dagestan and Mahmudov Shavkat who has run away from Ukraine», — is told in a film.

Let’s remind that a series of murders and attacks on known religious figures has occurred in the summer of 2009 in Tashkent. On July, 16th near an entrance of the house seven blows of a knife had been killed the 37-year-old deputy director of medrise «Kukeldash» concerning education of Abror Abrorov. In two weeks, on July, 31st, the attack has been made on the main imam-hatiba of Tashkent, known religious figure Anvar-kori Tursunov (kori — the reading Koran on the memory, knowing it by heart.) As many considered as the most probable successor of the main mufti of Uzbekistan. Three unknown persons have called him from the house, and then nine times hit with a knife. The imam was in a clod five days, however on fourth of August has come to the sense and has slowly gone on the amendment. Anvar-kori supporters have expressed at once opinion that the attack on him, most likely, has been called by his sharp criticism of Islamic radicals, first of all members «Hizb ut-Tahrir» and the extremists supporting construction of the Islamic state. In some days after an attack on Tursunov, on August, 9th, in Tashkent in the apartment five shots in an emphasis had been shot the deputy chief of central administrative board of criminal investigation department and struggle against terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan colonel Hasan Asadov who was engaged in investigation of attacks on religious figures. It became obvious that all murders — links of one chain, a handwork of one organisation.

And soon after that there was variety of armed conflicts in Tashkent and the Tashkent area. The first incident firing in an old city part of Tashkent, in the area Kukcha-Darbaza, taken place became such on August, 29th. In one of apartments of the two-storeyed house have appeared the armed people — Shavkat and Shuhrat Mahmudov (in a film the surname of the son for some reason is called Dilshadov) are blocked. They were furiously shot from agents of national security therefore among the last there were wounded men, and is possible, and killed. The area of operations has been surrounded by special troops and armor. The Mahmudovs have been destroyed after, trying to break, they, being already wounded, have jumped out in a window from the second floor and have got under fire of military men. During this special action from bullets of members of spetsnaz the mistress of apartment in whom, under the version of agents of national security, extremists took cover, — 50-year-old Dinora Inogamova was lost also.

On September, 3rd the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Uzbekistan has made the petition for dissolution of group of the terrorists who have made in Tashkent a number of murders and attempts at citizens of republic: «the organized criminal group involved in these crimes Has been established, the data that gangsters have taken place combat training in the foreign terrorist centers is obtained. During special action it has been destroyed three terrorists, including the leader who was earlier in search of this group Mahmudov Shavkat Dilshatovich. Other members of terrorist group who give grateful evidences» are detained also.

Let’s notice that the 45-year-old native of Tashkent Shavkat Mahmudov has been put on the wanted list by Central administrative board of criminal investigation department and fight against terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan in May, 2003 on suspicion in participation in acts of terrorism on February, 16th, 1999 in Tashkent. The third destroyed terrorist was whom, the State Office of Public Prosecutor has not informed, as well as about where and under what circumstances he has been killed. Subsequently it has let an occasion speak that, probably, agents of national security try to give out for the third terrorist shot by them during special action the mistress of apartment of №3 Dinoru Inogamov. By the way, in a film there is a remarkable episode: that house on Kukche — on a threshold lies someone’s blood-stained body (whether the third terrorist, whether Dinory Inogamova).

Soon it became known about other armed incidents. In the beginning of September members of spetsnaz have tried to grasp three armed people in a housing estate of Karankul in mountains of the Tashkent area, however those managed to escape, and, having grasped a passing car, to disappear in Tashkent. Next morning in cafe «Zaitun» near «Lunacharsky’s center» in Tashkent one or two the people who have run away from Karankulja, have fired at a police squad. Further one of the attacking has grasped the car and has tried to disappear, but at a crossroads of the Sofia prospectus and street Sagban has been overtaken and destroyed. According to some information, it was Davron Ismanhodzhaev. In the Uzbek mass-media of any data about these incidents it was not resulted, and the information on them should be collected literally on particles.

Attacks on religious figures were followed by mass arrests of suspects. Already in the end of August the oppositional site «Harakat» informed that on suspicion to attempt at Anvar-measles Tursunova 16 dealers by building materials from the Parkentsky market of capital, and that, by data from an environment of the imam-hatib are detained, agents of national security consider the arrested dealers as members of radical religious-extremist grouping «Jihad». Then it became known that many of dealers from the Parkentsky market, being afraid of arrest, have hit in races.

In some days after sensational firing on Kukche, in the beginning of the September, almost all public places of Tashkent have appeared are stuck by search orientations of «special importance», containing images, in total, 33 persons and supplied with an addition that search for them for fulfilment especially grave crimes and that at their detention it is necessary to observe measures of the raised safety as «criminals are armed by fire-arms». In an informal order police officers asserted that many from searched — dealers from the Parkentsky market. Among orientations there were also photos of the father killed on Kukche and son of the Mahmudovs that said that these leaves were printed even before their liquidation, obviously, in August.

Taking into account that some months prior to all it, on May, 26th, 2009, there was an attack on a building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-SNB in Hanabad and this very day two suicide bombers have undermined themselves in Andizhan, for what has incurred responsibility grouping close to al Kaide «Islamic jihad», in 2002 broken away from I go and based in Northern Vaziristan (its members prepared acts of terrorism in Tashkent in 2004, having attacked police officers and GAI, and also a building of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and embassies of the USA and Israel), there was a question on the relation Tashkent «djihardists» to «Islamic djihadists» in the Andizhan area and to their heads in Pakistan. However any information on it to the power did not give, and any parallels between events in Tashkent and acts of terrorism in the Andizhan area they then, did not spend later.

The next months the avaricious information arrived only from messages of the legal experts periodically informing that in the Tashkent, Dzhizak and Syr-Darya areas there are closed processes over the groups of persons, accused of participation in attacks on religious figures and accessories to grouping «djihadists». As a rule, messages were accompanied by standard formulations that proofs of fault of defendants to court has not been given. Accused declared that recognitions have been received under tortures and so on, the authorities, as well as usually, in any way did not make comments on an event.This series of processes was the largest after the Andizhan events of 2005: in total the quantity of defendants has made from one to two hundreds, however they were not shined with local mass-media, all courts passed without publicity and in the closed mode, and lawyers were appointed state (that is actually defendants have been deprived the right to protection).

And so, after the statements of the State Office of Public Prosecutor made in September for firing on Kukche representatives of authorities as though have become silent and exactly eight months — were silent up to occurrence here this film which immediately has thrown out on spectators the whole weight of the new facts and statements. It is removed, obviously, by request of Service of national safety — in it the closed materials are used and at all there is no caption with names of founders. In spite of the fact that it is stuck together on curves stupid Karimov’s propagation and overflowed by phrases typical for it like «the favorable possibilities created in the country for businessmen», «light days», «successes of Uzbekistan» and so on, at the same time in it contains a lot of interesting if, so to say, to separate grains. So, what new facts in it are sounded, to what it brings?

The general sense of a film is that. Killed on Kukche Shavkat Mahmudov, living in Chimkent, with support of the Kazakhstan special services (about it it is told not openly, and hints), and also imam Obidhon Nazarov being in Sweden (the imam of the Tashkent mosque «Tohtabojvachcha» who in the mid-nineties was considered as one of probable candidates on a post of a mufti; in 1996 has got to disgrace, then ran to Kazakhstan, many long years was registered on the missing person; in 2005 has received a political asylum in Sweden.) has created religious-extremist group «djihadists» who «for the purpose of sensation and horror awakening in Uzbekistan» have started destruction of the known religious figures standing on the party of the state. Authors of a film explain motivation of terrorists so: «the Basic barrier to such recruits (in this case: young men, after special processing becoming religious fanatics.) Our imams possessing religious knowledge who, proceeding from Islam bases, prove an inaccuracy of ideas of religious-extremist groups, such as to Hizb ut-Tahrir, «djihadists» and others are…. With such imams at them is not present either knowledge, or education, force and possibilities to enter scientific dispute. When they have understood that their ideas and scientific debates do not give any results, that, taking in hands the weapon… Have started physical «dispute», to physical «discussion», even to such big sin, as attempt at another’s life, to a covering of the hands another’s blood ».

In a film for the first time it is told, who and as made murders and attempts at life of ecclesiastics. About murder of Abrora Abrorov it is told casually, but about attempt at Anvar-kori Tursunov in detail enough. According to authors of the film, later two weeks after the first murder criminals have approached on the house of the imam-hatib on car «Matiz» and under the pretext of the invitation he has on a visit called outside. In a shot there is defendant Ilhom Dzhuraev who tells that he has greeted Anvar-kori and has exchanged with him several words, and then has attacked him: «Abdurasulov Odil has snatched at this time to him on a neck, I have pulled out a knife and six-seven times, five-six times have struck a knife in area of his stomach. Then he has covered with both hands, the knife has been ground from two parties and consequently has cut also areas of his hands. Blood has started to exude, blood splashed a fountain…».

It has appeared that criminals had been undertook also attempt to kill the main imam of the Kashkadarinskii area of Uzbekistan by Ismail Rajhonov, however it is not has gone right. Ismail Rajhonov, obviously, already hearing about attacks on other religious figures, kept on the lookout and when unknown persons began to run up to his car, ordered to press to the driving son on gas, the car has rushed and has left, attacking shot it following, but have not got.

The employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs lieutenant colonel Hasan Asadov became the following victim. How criminals have learned that he carries on an investigation, and also about where he lives, in a film it is not told. To kill him, Shavkat Mahmudov has specially employed the killer in Kazakhstan. Somebody Dulat Abduraimov on a nickname «Dima» has appeared. Мahmudov has handed over to murderers two pistols «Makarov»: one «Dime», the second — to the son Shuhrat Dilshadov also has charged to them to shoot Hasan Asadov. In the evening on August, 8th hired killer Dulat Abduraimov, Shavkat Mahmudov’s son Shuhrat and Muhtar Muhtarov near the house of Hasan Asadov start to wait for his returning from work. After his returning one of them (in a film it is not told who exactly, but, possibly, «Dima») has run to his home and has started to shoot. «After two or three shots I have started to shout, — the wife of the killed tells. — then I have started to cover it, that has bent down and, having aimed, has shot him at heart…».

After the story about these crimes the announcer summarized: «Thus, clearness that and attempt at Anvar-kori Tursunov and Ismail Rajhonov has organized murders of Abror Abrorov and Hasan Asadov is brought and the criminal group headed by Shavkat Mahmudov» has carried out.

About Shavkat Mahmudov it is informed that it some time of veins in Ukraine, in Crimea where has created by djamoat (religious association, a community.), then has made a number of crimes and he was searched by the Ukrainian Interpol for a robbery and murder of businessmen, in particular — for murder of the leader of movement of youth of the Crimean Tatars Shirin Norik Rishatovich and attempt at the Ogarkovs family.In 2007 he has run away from Ukraine and in search of shelter has addressed for the help to Obid Nazarov who in the beginning of 2008 has directed Shavkat Mahmudov on the south of Kazakhstan, to Chimkent, and has charged him conducting underground work among the population of a city of Tashkent and the Tashkent area on network creation of djamaot. A number of adherents of Shavkat Mahmudov is listed, many of which were present on search orientations at Tashkent. In particular, Davron Ismanhodzhaev is called as his ideological colleague helping him to process of others.

In a film it is said nothing about interrelation of «djihadists», operating in Tashkent, that attacks and acts of terrorism in the Andizhan area made. However in the second part of a film their ideological inspirer is called, as if given fetva (the competent answer of religious authority, religious approval, an appeal) on murders of religious figures, is imam Obid-kori Nazarov living in Sweden. Direct proofs of it is not resulted, oral statements when this or that defendant in front of the chamber says something like sound only: «Yes, Shavkat Mahmudov has told that fetva on it Nazarov» has given Insults-kori. Obid-kori in radio «Оzodlik» interview immediately refused from acquaintance to Shavkatom Mahmudovym, also has declared that it to it is not involved in all.

Summing up, it is possible to tell that from the film maintenance that the given concrete grouping is crushed follows, murders and attempts are opened, arrested and sent for a lattice more than hundred persons (their exact number and degree of participation in it are unknown), «djihadists» Nazarov, and indirect patrons — special services of Kazakhstan is called as the direct ideological inspirer of Obid0kori. In turn, Obid Nazarov living in Sweden denies the participation in these crimes, does not believe in existence of «djihadists» and refuses acquaintance to Shavkat Mahmudov. The basic maintenance of a film and reaction to him of one of his protagonists is that.



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