A Meeting of Lawyers Has Passed In Office of Milli Firka

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A Meeting of Lawyers Has Passed In Office of Milli Firka

On December, 15th in the central office of Milli Firka in Simferopol has passed meeting of the lawyers having practical experience of protection of the rights of citizens in the international courts and institutes of the United Nations.

In particular, experts of the right have exchanged experience of business management in the European court under the human rights, the special commissions of the Organization of the Incorporated nations, courts of Crimea and Ukraine concerning restoration of the individual and collective rights of the Crimean Tatars.

The special attention has been given the affairs connected with restoration of the property right to habitation and property, taken away from the Crimean Tatars during deportation in 1944.

The question on possibility in judicial instances has separately been considered to achieve a recognition of the Crimean Tatars victims of political reprisals.

Participants of meeting have stated a wish about necessity of creation of the legal service specialising in sphere of remedial activity, have co-ordinated the subsequent steps of joint activity on a field of protection of the rights of compatriots in courts of different level.

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