Hamzin Offended by Europe and the USA

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Hamzin Offended by Europe and the USA

The West conducts the policy of double standards concerning Ukraine. It is told in the letter of «Minister for Foreign Affairs» of Medzhlis Ali Hamzin.

According to A.Hamzin, reaction of leading geopolitical players to the entered into agreement on prolongation of basing of BSF till 2042 testifies to presence of «secret» arrangements between Russia, Europe and the USA. «If the fact of confidential consultations proves to be true, then we will have the right to declare that for modern heads the west democratic values and principles are only the tool for protection of the tactical interests», — Hamzin confirms.

The representative of Medzhlis in the letter also regrets for  destruction of the Polish president. «As we do not have today a correct and strong voice of support of the true friend of Ukraine — tragically lost president of Poland Lech Kaczynski who sincerely wished its integration into the European union. Unfortunately, Ukraine does not have a lot of such friends. However oppress reasonings of the Ukrainian politicians asserting that process of eurointegration for our country is not necessary», — believes Ali Hamzin.

Besides, according to the functionary of Medzhlis, in consequences of ratification of the document on basing of BSF «the bomb mechanism» is put which can unequivocally lead to disintegration of Ukraine. «Now the scenario of a Kosovan horror story which so often many politicians of Ukraine and Russia predicted in Crimea, traditionally connecting it with Medzhlis and the Crimean Tatars, one in one can be carried out, but only by means of the amplifying Russian factor. And in conformity with traditional concept« about width of Russian soul », a platform for these Russian Kosovan ambitions all territory of Ukraine» can act, — Hamzin is distressed.

On materials: the press-services of Medzhlis


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