Historical Toponymics Should Be Returned

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Historical Toponymics Should Be Returned

The Crimean Tatars need to return historical toponymics as moral compensation for deportation, without asking the permission at Crimeans. The president of the Center of Near-Eastern probes Alexander Bogomolov has stated such opinion during a round table at National institute of strategic probes at the President of Ukraine in Kiev.

«The person has the right to identity… On the basis of identity this group (the Crimean Tatars) was pursued. That is it is necessary to revive the right to identity in full. The toponymics question concerns this question also… Such questions can’t be solved at level of local communities in that format which provides the existing legislation. Here there should be a national legislation», — sir Bogomolov has declared.
He also has urged to raise the status of the Crimean Tatar language in Crimea. (We will remind, today the Crimean Tatar language in an autonomy has the official status along with Russian and an Ukrainian languages).

The Supreme Rada of Ukraine should return to Crimea Turkic toponimics the decision as it is provided by the bill of People’s Deputy Alexander Donija (OUOS), has in turn declared the head of Council of the Ukrainian independent center of political probes Julia Tishchenko.

«If to concern toponymics questions exists very radical, but the effective bill submitted for consideration in the Supreme Rada by deputy Alexander Donij. Acceptance of such law would lead definitive destobilization of the Crimean earth», — has declared Tishchenko.

In a similar way she suggests to solve a question of the status of associations of the Crimean Tatars «Medzhlis» and «Kurultaj» which operate today out of a legal field. Such «the political will» is necessary and for definition of the list of the radical people of Ukraine, their rights to resources in this or that region.

Let’s remind, on January, 16th, 2009 in the Supreme Rada the bill of People’s Deputy Alexander Donij (OUOs) «About revival of historical toponymics of Autonomous republic Crimea» has been registered.

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