Sevastopol Is Wished to Be Divided Into Five Communities

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Sevastopol Is Wished to Be Divided Into Five Communities

On March, 3rd Sevastopol with working visit was visited by the director of department of local government and the administrative-territorial device of the Ministry of regional development and building of Ukraine Jury Ganushchak. He has taken part in presentation of the preliminary bill of the special status of Sevastopol. The meeting passed for closed doors, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine reports.

The bill is developed to execute a plan of measures on realisation of the concept, reform of local government which has been confirmed by the government of Ukraine №900 from July, 29th, 2009.

«The plan of measures provides that at last it is necessary to make the law on Sevastopol, after all about it is written to Constitutions, and for 17 years we have no this law which means the special status of a hero town», — has noted Ganushchak.

He has named bill substantive provisions:

1. In territory so-called. «Great Sevastopol» five communities with corresponding local governments are created: the Inkermansky City Council, the Sevastopol City Council (jurisdiction territory — «Small Sevastopol»), the Balaklavsky City Council, the Kachinsky Village Soviet and the Orlinovsky or Bajdarsky Village Soviet.

2. Council «Great Sevastopol» to which those responsibility which it is irrational are delegated is created, is inexpedient or it is impossible to pass to level of communities.

3. One state administration of Sevastopol which has control functions in relation to local governments (five communities, council «Great Sevastopol) plus coordination powers on enforcement authorities, including agents of national security who have territorial branches is created.

4. At local councils executive committees are created. Also the executive office of council of Great Sevastopol is created.

However, representatives of the City Council of Sevastopol in many respects do not agree with the norms put in the project of the document. On what Ganushchak has noticed: «it is very hard to write the law in an office in Kiev, it is necessary to feel fingers a local infrastructure. Support was big enough though the Sevastopol City Council frankly cannot be interested in this law because it redistributes thereby that imperious structure which now operates».



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