The Autobiography

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The Autobiography

Reshat Ablaev

Was Born on August, 26th, 1951 in village Nyman, Hadzhiabadsky area, the Andizhan region Uzbekistan of the Soviet Socialist Republic.

After leaving school one year worked as the handyman in Hadzhibadsky kolkhoz. In 1969 has entered the Tashkent Polytechnical institute on building faculty on which termination in 1974 has received a speciality of the civil engineer and has been directed to town-planning project institute where from 1974 to 1976 worked as the engineer.

Since 1977 to 1985 has worked in building organizations Main Tashkent Building and Tashprombuilding in a post from the master to the chief of a site. At leisure went in for sports. From 1970 to 1980 was the leading player of a national team of Uzbekistan on Rugby football, last two years was the trainer of a national team.

For participation in national movement of the Crimean Tatars 1985 has been condemned under item 194-4 (for regular manufacturing, distribution of obviously false fabrications of the USSR discrediting a social order and its political system) by term for three years. Served time in camps of Yakutia and Omsk. After returning in 1988 was arranged with the construction superintendent in cooperative society «Radical», and 1988 has moved to Crimea on a constant place a residence. In 1990 has been selected by the deputy of the Central area of Simferopol. During the same time have organized the first earth self-capture in the Big Yalta, nowadays settlement Chatal-kaja.

Since 1991 for 1997 was a member of Milli Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatar people which has left because of disagreement with political and an economic course of a management of Milli Medzhlis.

Now I work at enterprise OO «Yurt» as the manager.


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