Party Cells in All Regions of Crimea Are Registered

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Party Cells in All Regions of Crimea Are Registered

On October, 31st, 2010 in Ukraine will pass local elections. In Crimea deputies rural, regional, city councils, and also deputies of Supreme Rada ARC will be selected.

Because we, the Crimean Tatars, aren’t ready to high-grade independent participation in elections (there is no registered party), Milli Firka goes on elections together with Ukrainian rural democratic party.

Milli Firka, for short term, has registered party cells in all

Regions of Crimea.

Importance of the data of elections consists in a role of self-government institutions in

Our life — the organization of activity of the citizens, providing the independent decision the population of questions of local value, management of the municipal property, proceeding from interests of all inhabitants of the given territory.

Milli Firka — Ukrainian rural democratic party gives to you

The possibility, expensive compatriots not only to make a choice of the

The future, but also to take active part in elections, to become the deputy of the

Territorial councils and to be to useful bulks.

Therefore we result the list of heads of selective staffs, all

The registered cells of party across Crimea.

Dear friends, we wait from you not only responses, but also a wish,

Remarks, and certainly our doors are opened for all to whom the destiny isn’t indifferent

Crimea and those., who believes in the forces and is ready to struggle for future of the people.


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