The Captain Strong Undertook a Steering Wheel

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The Captain Strong Undertook a Steering Wheel

There are different forms of political modes. A basic principle of the western democracies is the continuity of the power, for east civilizations the authoritative type of board is more characteristic. At each party the pros and cons, but, on our deepest belief, a basic principle of all and all is progressive and healthy development of a society. We take, for example, Kazakhstan — the state with obviously expressed authoritative tendency. This country in general name oil sultan. But at the same time for years, it is possible to tell, the individual board Noursultan Nazarbayev has transformed sovok republic into the developing country most dynamically in region. All basic indicators of economic well-being stably grow, the authorities open grandiose prospects for Kazakhstan. Certainly, everywhere there are problems, but Kazakhs could develop something an average between a thoughtless cult of personality and democracy which gets off very often from hands in the countries with authoritative traditions. And as some experts are inclined to regard that one person at a wheel of the state throughout long time it isn’t always bad, also as well as accurate realization of democratic principles it isn’t always good.

If the question on forthcoming elections round what at the moment of a steel to be sharpened any scandals and debate it is possible to name a header theme of two previous sessions with confidence attempts of the chairman of MM to leave from the post, and also variants of realization of operation «successor» was a highlight of last session of Kurultaj. Two consecutive times the overflowed hall of delegates of national parliament and visitors of action tensely expected succession of events. From a tribune the ardent speeches calling the people to conscience sounded. There were even the people confirming what exactly thanks to the chairman of MM they themselves began to recognize as the Crimean Tatars. The types which were stepping on the stage, smoothly passed from steppe to South careful porters. In turn Mustafa Kyrym-oglu fatly hinted that would be quite good to take national self-management to the first deputy R.Chubarov. Dissatisfied with this nominee, naturally, were (ambitious companions in the M. environment of Dzhemilev more than it is enough), they also began to play various combinations. Therefore as soon as the chairman of MM was occurred by thought «I was tired. I leave», there and then the sessional hall started to beg him to scatter these letters and never not to gather any more them. Besides asked not to bring up this question henceforth as it has effect of the spilled acid on an open wound. So again and again all remained on the places.Only the opposition grinned, and the people well knowing M.Dzhemilev on national struggle and work, without doubting, repeated — not that is the person who can is simple so to take and leave. In this context we will return again to Tsentralnoaziatsky region. A position of leaders of these states, in the majority, accurate, they don’t take the public for a ride having decided to leave having decided to remain, but to leave then, all the same to remain without day. After V.Yanukovych’s victory in presidential stages and triumphal procession of ruling force on regions of Ukraine to try on on itself a jacket of the leader of MM anybody like seriously doesn’t dare. It was accurately shown by last session of Kurultaj — this question hasn’t come nearer to the agenda at all. And matter is not that M.Dzhemilev has eaten apples or has properly had a rest and has gained strength, therefore can plow and plow still, and has simply begun to smell the fried. Medical Zhlisovsky functionaries extend don’t understand on what facts the based argument that supposedly the MM isn’t in opposition of the power and they are ready to work structurally. Well, it is possible, of course, and to name a dead dog a plush toy, but it is better to smell from it becomes obvious not. If the political force which is not entering into ruling coalition and not coming on meetings with the president, isn’t called opposition it is difficult to present itself that it in general for the phenomenon in the nature.

The impression is made that all players who are out of PR, are captured by action gas. Only J.Timoshenko who has come back from holiday tries to stir up those who still in its holder. On this background at MM of problems so many that the enemy you will not wish. Therefore the Medzhlis goes on elections not with the best indicators and not with the best mood. A certain demoralization is observed even. Here we will not be surprised, if the certain delegates of Kurultaj who have appeared out of a part through passage of the list generated by national parliament of candidates in SR АРC from Kurultaj, will appear in the ranks of other political forces, namely among supporters main — Party of Regions.

The situation develops heavy and it is necessary to believe that conditions will be heated even more. All candidates on an post of the chairman of MM soberly realize that if M.Dzhemilev defame, any of them in general in what strangers won’t put, however, as the, and. Here it is necessary to give due to the current leader of the Medzhlis, after all to what to it precisely not to get used, so it to hold blow. It will press close to the last even if there will be one in the field of fight. And here those whom he names the successor, or those who itself so call, at a storm didn’t operate the ship, therefore from self-preservation, possibly, and have decided to save up the permanent captain. Unfortunately, the people who have proved to be from excellent anti-recessionary managers, swim for a long time already independently. Probably, they in the present state of affairs critically don’t suffice in system of national self-management.

It is difficult to answer a question that expects the Crimean Tatars in immediate prospects, but it is exact about a full calm and a fair wind it is not necessary to dream at all. All errors, perfect MM last years, the most treacherous image come up today. Interesting, on what steps leaders will go to save system the Kurultaj-Medzhlis from obvious  destruction at a storm. Now quite clearly that Mustafa Dzhemilev still any time will be exact to remain with a wheel, differently there is an obvious threat of premature flooding of the ship.

Elvina Seitova

«A voice of Crimea» № 39 (873) on September, 24th, 2010


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