The Autonomy of Crimea is not Accidental

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The Autonomy of Crimea is not Accidental

The autonomy of Crimea is not historical contingency, and the form of a political organisation of the regional generality which has developed in territory of the Crimean peninsula. About it is told in the resolution which has been accepted at meeting of Russian expert club «Crimean prospect» on January, 19th in Simferopol.

Besides, in the resolution it is noticed that the Autonomous republic is created and exists as a barrier on a penetration way on peninsula. Experts consider that the Crimean autonomy endures crisis the exit from which is impossible without increase of political activity of Crimeans.

«Only in case we, Crimeans, will manage to give to the autonomy new dynamics of development, it will be possible to saturate with its new contents. No call-ups to protection of deadborn documents, such as current Constitution АRC, will replace original display of regional political will. Besides, similar documents could be born and formally exist only in the conditions of deficiency of this political will», — representatives of Russian diaspora in Crimea speak.

They notice that it is necessary to study, generalise, analyse the experience which has been accumulated by an autonomy for years of its existence, to advance key questions and the main directions of its further development — to be ready by the time of new political lifting.

«Environmental conditions of existence of the Crimean autonomy, developed at present, do not favour to its normal functioning and development. In these conditions on the first place there is a problem of preservation of unique Crimean community. For its achievement the formulation and upholding of the Crimean regional interest — as complex of those regional values without which Crimeans will cease to exist as a generality» is necessary, — representatives of Russian organisations have underlined.



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