The Crimean Tatars declared leaders of Milli Medzhlis traitors of the people

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The Crimean Tatars declared leaders of Milli Medzhlis traitors of the people

On fourth of October in microdistrict «Jany maale» («New settlement») at entrance to Sudak has passed National meeting of the Crimean Tatar people. More than three hundred representatives practically from all regions of Crimea, impressive delegations of actively operating public organisations, veterans and active workers of national movement have gathered for discussion of an ethnic question and search of an exit from the developed uneasy situation in the people.

Organizers of meeting have suggested to discuss three basic questions:

— About position of the Crimean — Tatar people

— About decisions of second Kurultaja and activity of Milli Medzhlis

— About the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars

The co-ordinator of organising committee Abdureshit Dzheparov has opened meeting. After the statement of the agenda with program reports at a forum Ajder Mustafaev, Nadir Bekirov, Nurie Bijazova, Enver Kurtiev and Vasvi Abduraimov have acted.

In their performances and during discussion in which have taken part more than twenty representatives, the detailed analysis of present position of the Crimean-Tatar people, its national movement has been given, the reasons and the main originators of twenty years’ marking time, oblivion of basic principles and the struggle purposes for national revival, not decisions of questions of principle of returning and arrangement of the Crimean Tatars in the homeland are established. The estimation of activity of bodies of national self-management as a whole and leaders of Milli Medzhlis in particular has been given.

The meeting was unanimously that the main brake in the decision of the lifted questions is fatal for Crimea and all Ukraine the policy of ruling circles of Ukraine and their helpers among Crimean Tatars, first of all in the name of present heads of Milli Medzhlis.

In the documents accepted at meeting their activity is recognised by fatal in relation to Crimean Tatar people, and leaders of Milli Medzhlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov, are declared by traitors of the nation. The meeting has addressed to delegates of present Kurultaja to call extraordinary session with the unique question: to dismiss as a matter of fact illegitimate Kurultaj and all structures formed by it.

Press-service Milli Firka

The reference to delegates of Kurultaj

The situation analysis in national movement of Crimean Tatar people causes in us extreme concern. The bodies of national self-management created in 1991 Kurultaj and Milli Medzhlis for realisation of the ORDER and the DECLARATION On the NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY of Crimean Tatar people at a stage of returning of the nation to Crimea and its revival in the homeland have practically lost today the control over a situation in community. As a result of a conciliatory policy led by present heads of Milli Medzhlis, personally its permanent leaders Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov, the authority of representative institutes of the people among compatriots became catastrophically low. Any of the strategic targets fixed in the Declaration and program documents of Kurultaja of Crimean Tatar people, for twenty last years is not become closer on an iota. Nation movement to a razor-edge behind which degradation processes become inevitable moreover is available.

Decomposition processes in Milli Medzhlis have begun with the middle of 1990th years when democratic principles of elections of delegates of Kurultaj and members of Milli Medzhlis have been rejected in favours to personal ambitions of a tandem Dzhemilev-Chubarov. Each time these elections began to turn to a farce more and more. Delegates of Kurultaj and especially members of Milli Medzhlis with rare exception passed the strict elimination. People exclusively by a principle of personal fidelity to the «leaders», the putting personal career purposes above national interests there stole up.

At the moment as a part of supervising structures of bodies of national self-management practically there is no veteran of the national movement, any representative patriotically adjusted Crimean Tatar intelligency, there is no inflow of young, fresh forces from among national focused youth.

Milli Medzhlis actually became an appendage of present ruling circles of the Ukraine which has proclaimed with the principle pernicious for Crimea and all Ukraine a principle of unitarizm. Declaration of the purpose of construction of the uniform country, the uniform people with uniform language and uniform belief, and also the accelerated assimilation of the Crimean Tatars as complete people and its dissolution in the Ukrainian nation became their slogan. In such concept of Ukraine there is no place for Crimean Tatar people. Whether so such Ukraine is necessary to us? And whether the representative bodies agreeing with such strategy of the Ukrainian authorities are necessary to us?

Telling by the own words, it is nothing other as treachery of national interests, and people, the actions and even the inactivity, indulging such policy, automatically become accomplices of the greatest meanness against Crimean Tatar people.

It is necessary for it to put an end.

Participants of meeting call delegates of present Kurultaj, at which else there was a conscience and honour, immediately to demand convocation of extraordinary session, to raise the question about self-dissolution of illegitimate Kurultaja and creation with the assistance of all political organisations of Crimean Tatar Organizing committee people on convocation of new Kurultaj on principles of direct democracy.

Only it can put an end treacherous as a matter of fact politicians of a present management of Milli Medzhlis. Only it can keep unity of the nation round firm principles of the ORDER and the Declaration on the national sovereignty of Crimean Tatar people. Only it will allow to continue our fair struggle for national revival, for our statehood, for our freedom and for our sacred belief.

(It is accepted by National meeting, on October, 04th, 2009, c.Sudak)

The statement
«About the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars»

Here already more than two centuries the Crimean Tatars wish to wipe the people off the face of the earth, and our Native land — Crimean Yurtas to appropriate. Today as the executor of this misanthropic plan the Ukrainian power and created by it in a counterbalance of national statehood administrative Autonomous republic Crimea acts wallowed in corruption and political scandals. The authorities ARC act thus in a role of the obedient executor of Kiev on neutralisation of any attempts of Crimean tatar people to become the absolute master on the earth.

Operating by a principle «Is better to beat Tatars hands of Tatars!» The same forces as in Ukraine, and abroad a whip and spice-cake method have completely tamed present leaders of Milli Medzhlis and through them continue to spend the discrimination in relation to aboriginals of peninsula. The analysis of a condition of an ethnic question gives the grounds to assert that leaders of Milli Medzhlis have completely departed in the practical activities from principles and requirements of the ORDER and the DECLARATION On the NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY of Crimean Tatar people, have grown together with the present Ukrainian power, becoming one of its divisions. For this reason the Crimean Tatars have till now no possibility to reunite in the uniform nation, being exposed to the latent and obvious discrimination and becoming derelicts in the homeland.

Any attempt of veterans of national movement, of some political forces to organise struggle for ours with you the rights, to call leaders of Milli Medzhlis for responsibility before the people for its criminal divergence encounter furious counteraction of «leaders» usurping a representative body of Crimean Tatar people.

Heads of Milli Medzhlis, for a long time having come off the people, continue it to deceive, playing sacred patriotic feelings of compatriots, declare dissenters of the nation and enemies of Crimea and Ukraine those who raises a voice in justice protection.

Losing every day trust and support not only in Crimea, but also among the compatriots living in other countries, a management of Milli Medzhlis together with a part of heads of crimean Tatar diasporas have spent the so-called World Congress of Crimean Tatar people, having admitted to its participation only those who was obliged to submit implicitly to decisions of the illegitimate Kurultaj which have become by a toy in hands of politically-bankrupt persons. In hope that the congress can unite split of Crimean Tatar communityon fault of Medjilis, many public organisations, without realising till the end of criminal plans of the international speculators, have taken part in this forum.

The huge majority of delegates of the World Congress, arrived from abroad, practically knew nothing and do not know about the maintenance and even existence of the Declaration on the national sovereignty of Crimean Tatar people, and have obediently lifted hands for other document also named them the declaration and cardinally inspecting principles of national movement, on a desperate request of the President V.Jushchenko.

After the lapse of three months from the date of carrying out of grandiose international swindle under loud name SCCT to many compatriots it became clear that Crimean Tatar people once again wish to direct on a vicious circle of useless wandering in darkness on purpose to withdraw the people from a true way to national revival, freedom, equality and prosperity on the Native land.

Thereupon the meeting declares Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov politicians betrayed interests of the people.

Strict following IN PRACTICE to those principles and the purposes which are fixed in the ORDER of the CRIMEAN TATAR PEOPLE and the DECLARATION About NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY can be a unique reference point only.
(It is accepted National meeting, on October, 4th 2009 c. Sudak)


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