Who Will Get an Income from Sale of the Crimea?

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Who Will Get an Income from Sale of the Crimea?

In Crimea ground auctions will allow to increase budgetary receipts considerably. It to journalists was declared by the chairman of the council of ministers АRC Vasily Dzharty in Simferopol on March, 4th. In particular, Vasily Dzharty has noticed that the ground areas exposed on the first auction, had the total price three times more than the initial.

According to the prime minister, the held auctions have shown «publicity and a transparency of relations» in the earth market. «I think, with such approach the budget will receive much more, than last five years», — the prime minister has told.

Thus he has underlined that following auctions will pass not earlier than May. «Crisis yet hasn’t left our businessmen. <…> but we hope that the situation will change, business will rise from knees and we as much as possible do all for this purpose», — the prime minister has assured.

Let’s remind, on February, 17th in Crimea have passed the first ground auctions on which 2 prizes (both have been exposed are got by one buyer). The Ground areas are located in Yalta, behind borders of settlements Gurzufsky rural council. The prize № of 0,75 hectares has been sold by 1 area for 707 thousand 400 UAH, a prize № 2 (a site of 2,43 hectares) — for 2 million 414 thousand 700 UAH.

Source: http://www.kianews.com.ua/node/30566


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