All Comes Back As A Boomerang

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All Comes Back As A Boomerang

Sight from within on a problem of the Crimean Tatars

So happens that Allah has allocated the Crimean Tatars with one of the best parts of a planet — peninsula Crimea. There was time when the Crimean khanate as the state was stretched in the borders from Caspian sea to a fortress Ochakov and in the north to Ekaterinoslav, i.e. to Dnepropetrovsk. For those times it already carried democratic trends, and on present concepts on management was the parlament-presidential state.

The divan, i.e. parliament, solved all political and military questions. Because in the Crimean khanate there was no slaveholding system, it was a place of a haven of all fluent population as from territory of Ukraine, and Russia where the violence over the person prospered, i.e. the slavery, therefore the population was very motley. Receiving in Crimea quite decent existence, Christians accepted Islam, and as well as local population rose belief and the truth on protection against external enemies. The population of the Crimean khanate made about eight millions persons, as well as in France. What has prevented so strong state? Why the state which had influence on world politics, has lost the power? Not so it is a lot of reasons for that, but the cores can name influence of Ottoman empire on a policy and development of economy of the Crimean khanate on the one hand and payoffs by money greedy murs who frequently prevented to solve independently to khans many questions, concerning strengthenings and army reforming, for opposition of the amplified Russian empire. From here it is possible to come to a conclusion that in easing and gradual disorder of khanate murzs have played not last role, and can be and the most important.

I have made the historical introduction to lead analogue with the present our position, for to restore lost very much and very difficultly. Here too some reasons of similar character i.e. top payoff nowadays existing Medzhlis propagandised as body of national self-management, but already from outside Ukraine which in the historical past received the military help from outside the Crimean khanate that became one of the major factors, prevented then full enslavement of Ukraine from outside Poland and Russia. Today the Ukrainian power does not wish to recollect history of the past except that the Crimean Tatar people can be used as means at the spoilt relations with Russia. In the late eighties the last century when the short period in power was M.S.Gorbachev, the question of restoration of a national autonomy was one of key. National movement has reached such lifting that, having used all means of restraint, the authorities have come to a conclusion that the question needs to be solved positively and immediately …

After uncontrollable mass returning of the people home, to Crimea, in the late eighties there were newly appeared leaders who were silent earlier, having become silent, and did not accept any participation in people movement. Returning to Crimea was so emotional that many did not reflect on complexities of moving. Many of patriots, without having sustained all problems, perished, burnt itself, fell ill with nervous and warm illnesses. Many compatriots in a head had one thought how to be kept afloat, to construct a roof over the head and to found a job that though somehow to support a family. On this wave it has risen and beat out in leaders of Mustafa Dzhemilev. I know this person from the middle 1960. Then it was very silent and not verbose. I cannot remember, where and on what meetings it acted with ardent speeches and appeals. Over it supervised then fear of deduction from HIGH SCHOOL.

After years, already after the Moscow events on Red Square, Mustafa Dzhemilev has appeared in Crimea, to be exact in Bakhchisarai. At this time he has actively entered an antagonism. At present from him there was only staying idle chairman Eredzhep Hajretdinov who manages in the unique person to sound periodically a position of this «parties. Say that a little his members live in Turkey.

Mustafa Dzhemilev was accepted to creation of Kurultaj, and later — by Imdat of bank. Having disorganised and having made bankrupt Imdat bank, he has started to involve the former Soviet nomenclature in active participation in system Kurultaj, having kept separate thus from all most active, fearless participants of national movement.

What do we have todayare — the Crimean Tatars? What questions have dared? The national policy was reduced to grandiose tourist trips abroad «leader» and functionaries of Medzhlis from his nearest environment, yes to celebratory concerts with obligatory after their end to banquets. All it reminds political charlatanism once again to rescue image «the politician with a world name». His numerous statements for attempt planned for it it is no more than a bluff or small politics tricks. The calendar where over two outstanding leaders of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemil Crimea son towers not less shamefully looks. Such presumes, only the person with absolute absence of modesty and mind. I will not be surprised, if shortly, at the well head of Medzhlis, before office of this body will establish a bust of Mustafa Dzhemilev with all his regalia. Such «star» illness Leonid Brezhnev especially suffered, having a rank of the major, the delirium was drawn in the form of the generalissimo with one hundred awards and medals, well than not.

And then on horizon there was Refat Chubarov who has finished in a Soviet period the Moscow history-archival institute after which termination has been directed to the most unreliable Baltic republic for work in state archive of Latvia. How and under what circumstances he has appeared in Crimea about M.Dzhemilev is shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, here about twenty years this duet stretch costs in a management of Medzhlis. Under their sensitive and vigilant management national movement is tired out in deadlock where the situation was formed.

At first participants of national movement acted on Kurultaj, but gradually one behind another them debarred from work of national congress, and later — at all did not suppose in a session hall. It is necessary to tell that Mustafa Dzhemilev rather professionally organised active workers. On all meetings on May, 18th, acting with provocative speeches to Russia, agitating for Ukraine and the NATO, practically did not recollect national statehood, without having acted never on this question four cadences being the deputy of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. And today this duet searches for an opening to become deputies Ukraine through BYT. They repeatedly made rough political mistakes, urging the people to vote that for «RUH», for «Our Ukraine» for V.Jushchenko whom, manipulating them, distributed them awards for service on fidelity to Ukraine.

Eventually, as a result of all these confused actions the people began to clear up, there were many public organisations, such as Milli Firka, «Namus», «Avdet» spending independent, not under control of Dzhemilev and Chubarov activity which ultimate goal is restoration of statehood of the Crimean Tatars which existed some centuries. The National meeting which has taken place in October has stated an accurate estimation to a duet Dzhemilev-Chubarov, having characterised their «work» as treacherous in the relation of the Crimean Tatar people. In the people speak, each actor should leave from a scene at the peak of glory, delay is fraught with the big consequences and troubles. It is necessary to be able to take courage and loudly to declare — are guilty, were mistaken, forgive, we leave.

In the history it is a lot of facts of the gone bankrupt politicians who having lost the earth underfoot and having earned «star» illness, have paid for the acts. All comes back a boomerang: Good — Good, Harm — Harm.

At a new stage of development of the Crimean community the vector of a policy in Crimea will be set by party Milli Firka with the account and not in a damage of interests of other national communities of Crimea. It is necessary to adjust a favorable climate with all parties and societies, and only such work will lift authority of Milli Firka, and further will provide both economic, and political lifting of peninsula.

It is necessary to remove all barriers existing today in Crimea between the Crimean Tatars and the slavic population. Today all people in Crimea equally suffer, death rate on the former exceeds birth rate. It is necessary for us to return the compatriots who have remained in Central Asia, seriously to be engaged in a demography. It is necessary for youth to impart feeling of patriotism, love to a native language and national culture, respect for the senior generation and all volume that collected centuries. We — the people with rich history, with the big cultural heritage, with the unusual music which has kept us as ethnos. We are hardworking. Association in all affairs and the most important thing round idea of restoration of statehood is necessary. Only it will help us to revive and live adequately on the Native earth. Without it no business, any money will rescue us from assimilation.

Taljat Ozenbashli, Simferopol


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