Crimea Still Hopes For Yanukovych

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Crimea Still Hopes For Yanukovych

On June, 4th 100 days from the date of Victor Yanukovych’s inauguration will be executed. On the threshold of this event Yanukovych and propresidential Party of Regions wish to prove to electorate that the new power works rather effectively and successfully carries out the pre-election pledges. Thereupon it is interesting to look, what changes have occurred for the first «100 days» Yanukovych, for example, in Autonomous republic Crimea.

In Crimea for Yanukovych almost 80 percent of voters have voted, having given thus to the present president about 800 thousand additional votes that was more than existing rupture between candidates.

About the moods reigning in Simferopol after a victory of Yanukovych on elections, on air of Radio Freedom has told the editor-in-chief of the influential newspaper «the First Crimean» Lily Budzhurova:

— Yanukovych’s victory the majority of Crimeans have met with enthusiasm, as a family holiday. I observed very interesting picture when has led the grand daughter in children’s park to drive on roundabouts in three weeks after elections. Also has seen that children with parents, simply have gone out for a walk married couples, and in hands at them tags of Party of Regions. This euphoria proceeds. However, I think that will be gradually closer by the winter charm to come to naught.

Political scientist Andrey Nikiforov considers, as in hundred days after Yanukovych’s coming to power by the basic moods in a society hopes and expectations still are:

— Except the fatal decision for Crimea about stay here the Black Sea fleet, in all the rest we see only certain plans, certain programs, sometimes very scale. It for the present not concrete affairs. And here expectations overflow a society literally.

The leader of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev never divided connected with Yanukovych’s victory euphoria:

— We didn’t have the light expectations connected with election of Yanukovych. We did not vote for him. When he has been selected, I was one of those who considered that all the same it is necessary to enter into a coalition. Irrespective of, Yanukovych is pleasant or not, he was selected by the majority of citizens. If «our Ukraine» was included into a coalition, there would not be communists and a state course would be a bit different.

On May, 26th the Crimean parliament has passed the law on use in territory of republic of Russian as regional. Lily Budzhurova has told about other accepted laws the editor-in-chief «the First Crimean»:

— The first decision — about renaming of the Supreme Rada of Autonomous republic Crimea into the Supreme body. It is a signal. The second decision absolutely not realised, absolutely fantastic — about the permission to give out to Crimeans the Ukrainian passports in Russian.

The first deputy of the constant representative of the president of Ukraine in Crimea Vladimir Kazarin sees in these decisions desire of the Crimean deputies to type political points on the eve of local elections and does not believe in their practical realisation:

— A number of these decisions, unfortunately, contradict each other. Politicians who declare any victory which they have gained at this session, will disorient Crimeans. The matter is that all our decisions, since introduction in Russian names «Autonomous republic Crimea Supreme body» and finishing norms of manufacturing of labels on medicines, including, in Russian, the decision on legal proceedings conducting in Russian and many other things — all it is not included into the competence of Council of autonomous republic. The decisions made by us have left now to Kiev for consideration in corresponding profile committees of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. I think that the majority of our offers will be rejected.

Political scientist Andrey Nikiforov considers acceptance of a language package of laws by gamble:

Are empty decisions. After a while the similar package can be accepted again and PR once again on very sick theme for Crimea.

And here is how the economic situation in Crimea after arrival of a command of Yanukovych to Lilii Budzhurova description looks:

— In economy while returning to Soviet Union is observed. Azarov, the prime minister of Ukraine, the person of the Soviet mentality. He cannot simply think any more progressive categories. Therefore instead of promised by Yanukovych during pre-election time of decrease in tax burden it, on the contrary, increase. That is operate in the old habitual Soviet ways — to tighten belts, to remove more taxes. Thus people pretend that taxes pay. Tax pretends that collects taxes. Simply all manufactures will fade into the background. Because the businessman is laid down now by the new legislation in such conditions that for one earned grivna he should pay 1 grivna of 25 copecks of the tax. Anybody so will not do business.

The chairman of Medzhlis pays attention to reduction of representation of the Crimean Tatars in all branches of the power in an autonomy:

— The Crimean Tatars and without that have been presented in power structures approximately in 4 times less than if they have been presented proportionally to the number. And with arrival of the new authorities their representation it was cut still by half. Have simply brought the command from Donetsk area, is more exact — from Makeyevka. At us and security service from Makeyevka, and Office of Public Prosecutor from Makeyevka, tax from Makeyevka, the prime minister from Makeyevka. And it is not only in Crimea, but also in other places. I even have started to be interested, how much the population in this Makeyevka that they there provide all Ukraine with people.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper «the First Crimean» Lily Budzhurova has told Radio Freedom about the customs which have been established with arrival donetsk-makeevska people:

— The local government which is absolutely under control to Yanukovych, his nearest colleague Vasily Dzharty who heads the Crimean ministerial council, Vladimir Konstantinov, the businessman who heads now the autonomy Supreme Rada, — all of them do not show us any innovations. Ministers have no right without the permission of the prime minister to give the comment to journalists. Besides, each minister if he leaves a building of Sovmin, should inform personally the prime minister. Like a kindergarten on a zone.

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