Djarty Does Not Accept Ultimatums

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Djarty Does Not Accept Ultimatums

New Crimean prime minister Vasily Dzharty, having declared that he does not intend to represent Yushchenko’s appointees, has forced leaders of Medzhlis to reflect seriously. Mustafa Dzhemilev is ready, if it is required, to search for the truth at the new president of Ukraine.

«It is necessary to understand, — writes thereupon a weekly journal« Event », — that any of present heads of DSA will not save the post, including Ilmi Umerov in the Bakhchsarai area, and Kadyr Osmanov in Kirovsk, and all the others».

For example, Umerov’s place is pleasant to the leader of Bakhchsarai regionals Valentina Krashkina, and in it, marks the edition, there is all support to her from outside members of the same party in the power.

«Anybody does not talk to us at all, so it is necessary to understand that about any professionalism or quality of work speech is not conducted, the main thing — the contribution to Yanukovych’s selective company», — complains, making comments on an event to «Events», Umerov.

As «the New Region», the day before the head Of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev has declared that the Crimean Tatars are ready to resign and leave in a pointed manner posts in authorities «to generate the strongest opposition in Ukraine».

«We will look, how events will develop further, but we in any case will not ask alms in power. We have such moods ripen that we can leave in general authorities in Crimea and generate the strongest opposition in Ukraine, but the decision we will accept after a meeting with the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych which should take place shortly», — he has threatened.

News agency «New Region — Crimea»


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