The Islamic World Should Learn History And Rich Culture Of the Tatar People

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The Islamic World Should Learn History And Rich Culture Of the Tatar People

The secretary general of the Organization Islamic conference (ОIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has visited the Russian Islamic institute. The honoured guest has examined an institute building, has met teachers and students of high school, and also has answered questions of representatives of mass media.

The constant representative of the Russian Federation at ОIC Kamil Iskhakov, the head of department on affairs of religions at Cabinet RT Renat Valiullin and the rector of high school Rafik Muhametshin have taken part in action.

«Tatarstan and the Organization Islamic Conference had good fellowship», — mister Ihsanoglu has noted. He has told that cooperation is conducted in the economic plan. However, according to Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, it is necessary to carry out cooperation and in tourism sphere: «It is very important. It is necessary, to Islamic world to learn history and rich culture of the Tatar people, to see Kazan».

Secretary general ОIC also has noticed that development of the Bulgarian state historical and architectural museum has huge value. «Looking at architecture monuments, people admire: the Bulgarian earth — ancient, this place where the set of cultures» is combined, — Mr. Ihsanoglu has told. Therefore it is necessary to revive outstanding historical and architectural monuments of Bulgarians, he has added.

Speaking directly about the Russian Islamic institute, mister Ihsanoglu has underlined that this high school has special value. He considers that the institute will prepare further not only imams and religious figures, and its graduates will be the known people useful to the people.




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