Dzhulvern Abljamitov Has Died

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Dzhulvern Abljamitov Has Died

On 72nd year of a life in Simferopol from a serious illness one of active workers of national movement Dzhulvern Abljamitov has died.

Dzhulvern Tejfikovich Abljamitov — ex-vice-president of Medzhlis concerning self-management, was born on January, 9th 1938 in Simferopol.

Has ended the Leningrad polytechnical institute, a speciality: the engineer-physicist.

From 1968 to 1983 works on «Zvezdochka» Severodvinsk, the Arkhangelsk region. 1983-1988 — the engineer of branch of the Tashkent tractor factory in Leninsk, the Andizhan area.

1988 — 1991 — works in co-operative society «Yangilik» Andizhan.

Since June, 1991 is a member of Milli Medzhlis.

From 1994 to 1998 is the deputy of the Supreme body of Crimea from fraction «Kurultaj».

The order of the President of Ukraine from April, 15th, 1998 N 86/98 is in the structure of working group on preparation of offers on the decision of the questions connected with returning of deported Crimean Tatars.

On materials: news agency QHA


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