Farid Muhametshin: We should Save True Number of Tatars

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Farid Muhametshin: We should Save True Number of Tatars

Samara was visited by the chairman of the State Council of Republic Tatarstan Farid Muhametshin. At the initiative of the president of the regional national-cultural organisation «Tugan tel», a member of executive committee of the World congress of Tatars of F.Kanjukaeva F.Muhametshin’s meeting with leaders of local Tatar movement has taken place.

The special attention at a meeting has been given forthcoming population census. Farid Muhametshin has urged to show consideration for forthcoming population census — 2010: «We should save true number of Tatars. Also should inform it to each person. In the census form such mess that the doctor of sciences, instead of that the simple citizen will not understand even. We and so at last census have lost about 600 thousand Tatars, from them 300 thousand — in Bashkortostan, Farid Muhametshin» has told.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that the present form of census looks simply enough, at least, it is not more difficult the form which was applied at census of 2002. A problem, more likely, in insufficient (while) knowledge of the population.



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