In Port — Arthur Have Assigned a Wreath to the Crimean Tatars

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In Port — Arthur Have Assigned a Wreath to the Crimean Tatars

The Press release

On Saturday, on September, 25th, 2010, the city of Liushung (the former Port Arthur, the Chinese National Republic) was visited by delegation of the Russian public.

Visiting of the reconstructed Russian military cemetery upon which remains of the Russian and Soviet soldiers who were lost in five wars, developed on a XX-th century extent in this region are based was the visit purpose.

Russian military cemetery in Liushung has been based by the Japanese government in 1907 as a keepsake and recognitions of heroism of soldiers and officers of the won army.

On «a pre-revolutionary» site of a cemetery, mainly in communal graves, remains of soldiers of the Russian empire — defenders of Port Arthur, victims in 1904 are buried during a long siege and capture of a city by army of the Japanese emperor.

During reconstruction of the Russian military cemetery which has begun in 2008 at the expense of means of fund «Generation», headed by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Andrey Skoch, the Russian historians it has been established that ashes more, than 21 thousand persons (from them names only several tens are at present known) here are based.

After capture of Port Arthur bodies of victims were ezhumed by Japanese occupational armies, are cremated and again buried in communal graves. There are no doubts that among them — and those Crimean Tatars about whose tragical destiny «Port Arthur» is sung in the Crimean Tatar national song. A cross on a memorial the same as also crosses on communal graves, shouldn’t mislead — the Japanese authorities, naturally, didn’t divide the lost Russian soldiers on their religion. And the Russian military department of the due account of victims among whome there were people of different nationalities, didn’t conduct.

As a part of the delegation which have arrived to China, there was a representative of the Crimean Tatar community of Moscow, the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper «Moscow Komsomol» Ajder Muzhdabaev. On behalf of all Crimean Tatars and on the instructions of initiative group of a community (the chairman — Mustafa Muhteremov, Selim and Zera Abdulvapovs, Nizami Ibraimov, etc.), he delivered to a cemetery a wreath, an inscription on which tapes says:

«Rus-yapon cenkinde elak olgan rusiye imparatorliqnin qirim askerlerine vatandaslarindan» («to the Crimean soldiers, the soldiers of the Russian empire who has fallen in Russian-Japanese war»).

After wreath putting on to a memorial erected by Japanese in 1907, the audio record of a song «Port Arthur» performed by Fevzi Beljalov has sounded. By Imam-hatyb Marat hazrat Alimov had been made a doleful prayer on all victims in wars. The general of Russia Mahmud Gareyev has taken part in it.

It is possible to address for interview and comments by phones and an e-mail:

Ajder Muzhdabaev +7 903 7929757,

Mustafa Muhteremov +7 925 5423788,


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