In the Supreme Rada the Bill About Lustration is Registered

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In the Supreme Rada the Bill About Lustration is Registered

Yesterday in the Supreme Rada the bill providing introduction of obligatory check of people, applying for posts in power state structures, about their cooperation with special services has been registered. To an embodiment of this document in a life absence in Ukraine can prevent the information on the former agents of KGB of the USSR. Opponents of a bill also notice that under its action can fall and those who stands up for its acceptance.

The bill «About lustration», is prepared and brought in the Supreme Rada by People’s Deputies Ivan Zaets and Yaroslav Dzhodzhik. Authors of the document suggest to enter in Ukraine a compulsory procedure of check of the people applying for posts in legislative, executive and judicial authority, and also in law enforcement bodies about their cooperation with KGB of the USSR, and since 1991 — with special services of the foreign states. We will note, in the afternoon before these deputies have introduced in parliament the bill of an interdiction of communistic ideology.

The initiative of misters of Zaets and Dzhodzhik is not new. A similar bill in 2005 in Rada the late People’s Deputy, a member of the Ukrainian people party has brought nowadays Vasily Chervony. Then the alternative bill about lustration leader of Vseukrainsky association Oleg Tjagnyboka’s «Freedom» has been registered. In it it was offered to forbid to occupy posts of ministers, governors for 10 years and to become deputies to those who as of 1991 worked on supervising posts, beginning from district committees of the CPSU and above, was a member of bureau of Communist Party committees, worked in KGB of the USSR. However any of these documents has not been considered even in the first reading.

Ivan Zaets and Yaroslav Dzhodzhik in the document specify eight reasons on which the commissions on lustration should refuse to applicants for this or that post. Among them — the information on scornful statements of the candidate concerning symbols of the Ukrainian state, appeals to separatism, racial, cultural or religious intolerance, participation in corruption actions. On lustration authors of the bill suggest to appoint members of the commissions to deputies of local councils about representation of the president from people, «having faultless authority».

In Security service of Ukraine in which archives the information on the former agents of KGB is stored, prospects of an adoption of law about люстрации make comments cautiously. «Here it is important to observe a principle ‘ do not do much harm ‘, — representative of high rank SSU admitted. — After all there were different agents, and cooperation with KGB was a miscellaneous: someone really helped with struggle against criminality, and someone knocked on the neighbour that that reads verses of Vasilj Stus».

It is remarkable that the interesting commission the information, according to the bill, can give both law enforcement bodies, and physical persons, public organisations and parties. It is thus underlined that «the commission does not consider anonymous statements», and «the law enforcement body answer about absence of data on the interesting person is not admissible».

However, absence of the information can become one of the main problems at carrying out lustration as in SSU all archive with names and surnames of regular and non-staff employees of KGB is stored. After KGB disbandment in 1991 the part of materials has been sent to Moscow where it is stored now in archives of KGB — safety Federal Agency.

Yaroslav Dzhodzhik explains a failure of the previous bills about lustration a great number of deputies which fall under action of the law in case of its acceptance. However, to name concrete surnames mister Dzhodzhik has refused. «It is extraordinary delicate theme», — he has told.

People’s Deputy Alexander Golub has appeared. «Laws about lustration have not enough chances to be accepted as their authors first of all would suffer from them — representatives of the right political forces, beginning from the graduate of the Higher party school Victor Yushchenko and the employee of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine Tarasyuk», — the mister Golub has declared.

The People’s Deputy, lieutenant general SSU Grigory Omelchenko considers that the parliament was late with an adoption of law about lustration. «It is possible, there would be any advantage if lustration has been led in 1992-1993, — he speaks. — and today I cannot name people at all which worked on posts in bodies of KGB of the USSR, — these people of a pension age».

It is interesting that in 1992 at formation СБУ the deputy commission with similar functions operated. However, according to the former political prisoner, the People’s Deputy I, II and Stepan Hmary’s IV convocations, he has not reached the purpose. «Though I have not included in structure of the commission on selection of shots for SSU, I often happened at its many sessions, — mister Hmara has told. — Then I had claims of that almost all regional managements SSU were headed by employees of 5th management of KGB which was engaged in political counterspionage».

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