Preporation of Ground Mythology-3

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Preporation of Ground Mythology-3

Myth about the Cathedral mosque

On February, 15th, 2011 City council of Simferopol, without having resisted charisma of the prime minister of Crimea Vasily Dzharty, has allowed to develop to Spiritual steering of Moslems of Crimea the land management project on offtake of the ground area by the area of 2,7 hectares under the Cathedral mosque. This decision have supported 71 of 72 registered deputies of the City Council.

Hosanna the premiere sing till now. And, it is necessary to notice, it is fair. For Vasily Dzharty for one and a half minute has made that Medzhlis couldn’t overcome for one and a half ten years.

For the general acquaintance with a situation we will make short digression to history.

The question on building of the main cult construction of Moslems of Crimea — a cathedral mosque «Dzhuma Dzhami» — is exaggerated since 1996. All this time deputies of the Simferopol City Council conducted slow war against Spiritual steering of Moslems of Crimea, invariably refusing SMMC on all inquiries about ground area allocation under building of the Cathedral mosque, and philosophically listening to «terrible» reciprocal statements of a management of Medzhlis.

The first refusal has been given out on a site in city center — opposite to the Central market. Now on this site market «Svetofor» is located.

The second time SMMC has been refused site drive on a place of the former cinema «World». Subsequently this site has been transferred to»CrimeaAvtoGAZ» under building of «Recreation center of motorists». By this time about any Recreation center speech isn’t conducted, but the site and remained behind «Autogas».

The third refusal has given out the Simferopol City Council on a site around park «Salgirka», having proved the refusal by that on this place the cemetery of German soldiers settled down. Later this site has been transferred under the Botanical garden to Taurian national university of V.I.Vernadsky.

The fourth refusal SMMC has received on the ground area on 75В, Naberejnaya Street. Now on this site the magnificent sports complex «Konsol-sports the Premium Club» is constructed.

In 2004 the Simferopol City Council has offered under building of Dzhuma Dzhami some ground areas — on a choice. In SMMC have chosen territory the area of 2,7 hectares, located on 22,Yaltinskaya Street on a roundabout line Yalta-Simferopol. The same year one of City Council sessions has authorized for engineering specifications gathering on ground area assignment in rent.

Four years later. All this time, according to SMMC, the documentation prepared and the project of the Cathedral mosque was coordinated. However, on January, 10th, 2008, when all necessary documents have been assembled, the city council has unexpectedly refused allocation of the specified ground area. To create at least visibility of validity of refusal, in April of the same year people’s choices have hastily transferred a site on 22, Yaltinskaya Street under development of a park economy — forest park arrangement «Anniversary». The target mission of a site has been changed also — it have engaged in the list of the recreational earths.

In a pointed manner provocative actions of the City Council have quite naturally caused a wave of national indignation among the Muslim population of Crimea. For calm of passions deputies have offered under building of Dzhuma Dzhami other site — to the address 6, Lugovaya Street. SMMC has refused, demanding restoration of the rights to a site on 22, Yaltinskaya Street. There and then in the engaged press the mass hysteria on charge of the Crimean Tatars in obstinacy and excessive fastidiousness has begun.

Thus any of accusers hasn’t taken into consideration that a site on 6, Lugovaya Street — very much and very disputable territory.

First, under this modest address there are some tens hectares of the earth. Which site from these hectares will be allocated under a mosque — in sessions it has not been precisely specified.

Secondly, on a part of this territory some years the ground glade of the protest is located. Thus, the City Council decision can be regarded, as attempt to push off foreheads of the Crimean Tatars and Spiritual steering of Moslems of Crimea, having created enmity thereby and a distemper in the people.

Thirdly, to the same address the site to the Republican rehabilitation center of children-invalids has been allocated. Mosque building on a place of a children’s rehabilitation complex isn’t obviously possible — neither on Islamic, nor by universal principles.

Fourthly, some years ago for this territory the project of settlement has been developed for invalids «Social village», providing building on 42 hectares of the earth of many-storeyed houses, schools, a kindergarten and church. «A habitation problem is very important, people stand on the room account since 1983-84, it for years didn’t dare» — with bitterness the chairman of the Simferopol compartment «Union of the organization of invalids of Ukraine» Ivan Plohotnichenko marks. To select the earth at invalids, let even under building of the Cathedral mosque — blasphemy from the point of view of Islam. And not only Islam.

Conditions round the Cathedral mosque were heated. SMMC has addressed in court.

On May, 12th, 2010 Economic court ARC has satisfied statement of claim SMMC for allocation of a site for a mosque on 22, Yalyinskaya Street. However Office of Public Prosecutor ARK has addressed with the appeal in the Higher economic court of Ukraine.

On May, 17th, 2010, on the threshold of mourning date of the Crimean Tatar deportation people — on May, 18th, 1944 — has appeared the Decree of the President of Ukraine, containing separate position about necessity to resolve a question on building of the Cathedral mosque.

On January, 26th, 2011 the Higher economic court of Ukraine has made the decision on the case of building of the Cathedral mosque in Simferopol on 22,Yaltinskaya Street having obliged the Simferopol City Council in 10-day term to conclude with SMMC the ground area lease contract on 22, Yaltinskaya Street.

On February, 15th, 2011, the City Council of Simferopol from Vasily Dzharty’s giving has given out SMMC the permission to working out of the project of land management — on it time any more for site delivery in rent, and for drive of the earth to constant using. On the one hand it is good. With another — documents have been prepared under rent. It means that all circulations on instances should be begun with zero. And it not to eat any more it is good.

If the management of Medzhlis and SMMC has insisted on strict performance of a judgement, it would be possible to spend within one and a half months coordination under already available project and to begin works on mosque building. However nobody insisted.

Actually, the City Council has made the decision contradicting the decision of court, and «fathers of the Tatar democracy» have made this decision canceling 4 years of work SMMC, with mildness of innocent persons conducted on sacrifice.

And in what, as a matter of fact, a problem? We clear up.

In the decision of deputies from 2/15/2011 it is a question not of earth allocation. Better to say, it at all the end, and again only the beginning. SMMC have allowed to develop the project, and only in the course of working out it will be found out, whether its realization on this place is possible.

To receive the dround, it is necessary to coordinate this question with all allowing instances and to receive about two tens signatures. It is necessary to pass sanitary-and-epidemiologic, ecological and nature protection control, to solve a question of a road interchange with representatives of the State traffic inspectorate, to learn, what establishments are near to a prospective site, whether it is possible to conduct building near to them — both other, and other, and other…

If to consider that the previous coordination lasted about 4th years, it is possible to present, what is the time SMMC will spend this time. And nobody guarantees that by the time of when documents will be ready, the next structure of deputies once again won’t change the mind. Or the relation of Dzharty to Medzhlis won’t change. As practice shows, last argument — the most powerful.

On this optimistic note our fascinating digression to history of the Cathedral mosque comes to an end…

… Also begins preporation of a myth under the loud name


Or not to be? That is a question!
Tendency, however…

What tendencies were opened with the above-stated epopee — at all with building, and only with place allocation under possible building of the Cathedral mosque?

First, existence in Crimea powerful lobby was unequivocally and undoubtedly showed. In turn, it means that countersteering to building of the Cathedral mosque will proceed at all possible levels. The lobby is, nobody cancelled it, hence — it will work. To lobby. To torpedo. To search for excuses. To play for time. As it is successful, as well as the last 15 years.

Secondly, the true relation of the Crimean and Ukrainian authorities to Medzhlis and its leaders was showed. The relation, frankly speaking, not all that well. Approximately, as to a watchdog. It hold on a chain, throw from time to time a peace of bread, with affection name on public a member of a family from time to time — but never will plant for a table and never will ask its opinions on a family council. At the same time from the favourite implicit submission, knowledge of commands «the Place is required!», «to a foot!», «faugh!» And «Fas!», and also a gift a slipper. In the form of the humanitarian help on arrangement of the Crimean Tatars. Though to equip the Ukrainian citizens Ukraine, instead of Turkey should. No less than to build temples.

Thirdly, absolute political incapacity of leaders of Medzhlis of M.Dzhemilev and R.Chubarov. Being People’s Deputies of Ukraine (M.Dzhemilev since 1998 on the present, R.Chubarov with 1998 for 2007) which status allows to solve almost any problems, neither that, nor another haven’t used the powers to help with the permission of a question of the Cathedral mosque.

Pointed refusals in a place for the Cathedral mosque simply obliged to giving of deputy inquiries or to parliamentary hearings. But isn’t present. Leaders of Medzhlis haven’t seen in it necessity. Apparently, such state of affairs suited them. Otherwise than still it is possible to explain such «cool» relation to powerful political tools of influence?

And can, and there is no influence? There is no authority on the deputy case of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine? There is no authority on the deputy case of the Supreme Rada of Crimea? There is nothing, except an armchair?

If to compare destiny of two temples — the Cathedral mosque and Alexander Nevsky’s temple — a difference impresses. For an orthodox temple there was a place in the city center. The park part has been cut down. The memorable ensemble to defenders of the Native land is transferred. In the shortest terms the necessary documentation is assembled and coordinated. By this time temple building is in an end stage.

And 15 years aren’t solved a question not that that with building — with a place for the Cathedral mosque. Whether only the Islamofobian lobby is guilty of such pitiable state of affairs? Why SMMC and a Medzhlis management so obediently agreed with refusals on the earth in city center? Why so documents painfully long prepared? Why haven’t addressed for the help to the people?

Perhaps, in an Antiislamic lobby participate not only note Islamophobes, but also the people naming with Moslems and occupying high posts in a management of a representative body of the Crimean Tatar people?

Enough informed circles inform that some times possibility of reception of good sites under mosque building has been missed only because demands haven’t been properly issued, and representatives SMMC and a management of a Medzhlis didn’t show due persistence at sessions of sessions of the City Council, being limited to public statements in a press.

The example of a temple of Alexander Nevsky shows that it is possible to do all quickly. Especially if to consider that sponsoring this temple Sergey Kunitsyn wasn’t the deputy of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine and, hence, Dzhemilev and Chubarov possessed smaller legal possibilities, rather than.

Perhaps, not constructed mosque is much more favourable to heads of Medzhlis, than operating?

Indeed! While the mosque isn’t present — there is an occasion to loud statements without the subsequent sensational cases. There is an occasion to «warming up» of religious feelings of the Crimean Moslems and untwisting of interconfessional opposition. There is an occasion once again to go abroad and to be cried for the whole world for a hard lot оf the Crimean Tatar people, habitually stretching to both hands behind the next handout.

Whereas the constructed and operating mosque instantly deprives «national parents» of all these «possibilities».

The mosque costs. The service goes. People pray. All is good.

And who will submit to the full? That and it…
The location

If to take a chart of Simferopol and to note on it all sites which have refused to allocate under the Cathedral mosque, we will see an interesting picture.

First, each subsequent point is further from the central part of a city, than previous. Very similar on a picture of the lost battle when the broken army departs all further and further, handing over to winners the most valuable territories.

Secondly, with each new place the Cathedral mosque all further and further kept away from inhabited files with the big concentration of the Muslim population.

If to look at a map of the city, it is possible to see that the Crimean Tatars are concentrated in a direction of Feodosiya lines: Hoshkeldi, Beloye (1-2-3-4-5), Kamenka. In the same party the big glades of the protest having every chance to become in the future by inhabited files with the prevailing Muslim population — «Strelkovaya» and «Autogas» are located.

Similar situation and in area the Nikolaev line — Dubki — marshal Zhukov where it is located populous and the greatest in Crimea Crimean Tatar glade of the protest «Dubki».

In area of 22 Yaltinskaya Street concentration of the Crimean Tatars unlike more low. Accordingly, the non-Muslim population for which building of the Cathedral mosque doesn’t represent any interest prevails and causes, more likely, irritation.

If to consider that the mosque in settlements should be — whenever possible — taken away from suburbs to provide to inhabitants the maximum convenience of its visiting the arrangement of the Cathedral mosque on 22, Yaltinsjkaya Street creates the maximum INCONVENIENCES for the Simferopol Moslems. Hence, the huge mullions-strong construction time most part will be empty, being filled, at the best, only on Fridays and during religious holidays.

The above-stated facts — are obvious. The Medzhlis management was based on what other reasons, choosing a site on 22, Yaltinskaya Street?

In a city there are no free earths more? Any of glades of the protest with pleasure would agree to accept the Cathedral mosque in the territory. It would be proved from different directions: from the point of view of Islam — a considerable quantity of Moslems in a file; from the point of view of the free earth — on all glades of the protest the territory is provided; from the point of view of assistance to the people in struggle for the earth — building of the Cathedral mosque on a protest glade in times would accelerate process of legislative registration of this file.

Convenient approaches? To completeness, misters! Everyone who went on the Yalta line in the summer — will confirm absurdity of this argument. From May till October departure from a city in a Yalta direction is overloaded — and now in this stream hundreds the Moslems will be added also, aspiring to spend a Friday Mohammedan prayer in the Cathedral mosque. Why at a place choice this hasn’t been considered very much and very important factor?

Why it was impossible to seize the very first site, in city center — opposite to the Central market — with the same eagerness, as well as in a site on 22, Yaltinskaya Street? Why it was impossible to organize national picket on this place, keeping it for the Cathedral mosque how it people on glades of the protest and how do it, eventually, have made on Yalta? Why didn’t demand, didn’t achieve, and low asked and, having been refused, submissively started to elicit other place — obviously the worst?

And, maybe, all has been considered and thought over? Perhaps, before the Crimean Tatar people and the Muslim world performance has been played, and the place under the Cathedral mosque has been defined with such calculation — as much as possible to complicate both building, and use of Dzhuma Dzhami?
The project and building

How many the author rummaged in the Internet — couldn’t find anywhere neither the detailed description of the project of the Cathedral mosque, nor the data about the developer of this project. On site of SMMC about the project there is no mention though SMMC acts in a role of the customer.

Why the project of the Cathedral mosque is coded? Why didn’t pass neither national discussion of this project, nor competition of projects? What were conditions of the tender for project working out? What cost of working out of this project? What cost of building according to the design-budget documentation? What conditions of the tender for building?

Questions — reasonable. A cathedral mosque build on behalf of the people and for the people. Accordingly, the people should know — who and on what conditions projects, who and on what conditions builds, who and on what conditions pays building.

It is a lot of questions and under that poor data under the project which all the same managed to be found. On video the grandiose construction having of very few lines of traditional Islamic temple architecture appears at us, characteristic for Crimea — behind an exception, unless, four minarets. But the project general view very much reminds shopping center or expocenter. We will not go into details further architecture, but we will note the most important attributes of the public building which absence will essentially complicate mosque visiting for parishioners.

First, absence of parking place which is the vital attribute for the temple kept away from parishioners is evident. Everyone who visits Friday Mohammedan prayers in a mosque «Arraid» on Mokrousov’s street, knows, what chains of cars are built there during the Dzhuma-Mohammedan prayer. Considering that the mosque in «Arraide» contains nearby 500 persons, and Dzhuma-Dzhami should contain a minimum in 7-8 times more — it is possible to imagine quantity of motor transport before the Cathedral mosque. Where it to put? On a two-way carriageway, and without that overloaded with a transport stream to Yalta?

Secondly, in the project there are no covered stops of public transport near to a mosque and there are no safe transitions across the road — either underground, or elevated. Usual transition-zebra of a problem of safety won’t solve. 2-3 thousand persons, passing a carriageway on «zebra», will elementary block all movement. And long expectation of public transport without a roof over the head — when after the Dzhuma-Mohammedan prayer simultaneously leaves a mosque some hundreds persons — employment not from pleasant, especially in «non-flying» weather.

Thirdly, scale of the declared project of the Cathedral mosque doesn’t correspond to real possibilities of Medzhlis managements, SMMC. It is necessary to notice that Islam doesn’t welcome a facade. And, if many mosques became greatness and beauty symbols — that only because they were under construction and completed not one ten years, and financial possibilities of governors allowed to build fine temples, and — not on last money and not on the humanitarian help of other states.

Whether it is necessary to start building of a mullions-strong complex which will be stretched, at the best, on tens years in the absence of the money, and in the worst — and remains semiconstructed? Or the Crimean Tatars should become eternal moral debtors a Turk, constructed for them the main mosque of Crimea? And whether it is a shame to ask to make others what should become a national symbol? And Dzhuma-Dzhami if it will be constructed by the foreign sponsor becomes whose symbol of awe of the Lord of the worlds? Turkish? Arabian? Still someone’s?

People relics should be created by the people… And let this relic doesn’t become the eighth miracle of the world — but it will be the relic of the Crimean Tatars erected by the Crimean Tatar people in glory Supreme.

Really we so have left from the Allah what we can not construct a temple? Or we were convinced of it by «fathers of the nation», used the best efforts that the Crimean Tatars have lost a self-confidence and the forces?
Worship or a policy?

For what mosques are under construction? For worship the Allah. An example to they be tens mosques on protest glades. Round these mosques there is no noise. About them don’t write in newspapers, don’t remove plots of the program of news. Those people who live around know about their building only. People who build these small temples. People who pray in them to the Creator.

In it sense of a mosque. In worship. The person, the Lord, a place for prayers. Anything else. The higher forces participate in creation of such mosques. Therefore they don’t need neither the documentation, nor in a semi-official organ, in a sensation. They simply are under construction also people come to them to pray simply.

All the rest round mosques that doesn’t concern worship — from crafty.

From it — fussy searches of «the best place» as though for the Lord there are «the best» and «worst» places. From it — humiliation before demonstrative islamophobian decisions the power as though there is a power above the power Supreme. From it — procrastination of building of the Cathedral mosque under any far-fetched pretexts as though for the Allah matters, whether is at a temple the pieces of paper-documents thought up by people.

Therefore the Cathedral mosque that isn’t enough in this process of worship and too much policy isn’t under construction. For this reason Dzhuma-Dzhami still very much and very long won’t be constructed. There will be reasons. Also has put here — at all in a mosque, as that. Business in the people who have incurred responsibility for its building.

Unless can build a mosque the person who is not observing instructions of the Allah? Unless the people who are not making Mohammedan prayers, using forbidden and making the forbidden can feel sincerely about a Muslim temple? Unless the figures very often sitting with Christian and Judaic priests, but never visiting Islamic mudzhtahida, ulems and sheikhs can advance business of Islam?

The answer is obvious.

The temple erected for worship, is under the protection of Supreme. The people using building of a temple for political gamble, execute will of a devil.

To each person the Lord has put a principle of distinction of good and harm in soul. Therefore doing harm knows that it does harm. Also it is its realized choice. The person — a unique being on the earth to which the Founder grants the right to choose meaningly. It is the highest blessing. And same — the higher penalty. Its choice becomes what exactly for the person — everyone solves itself. In it wisdom of the Allah. In it love of the Founder to the creation.

And what about mosque?

Dzhuma-Dzhami is necessary. To all Moslems of Crimea. Therefore it will be constructed.

But it becomes possible only when the Cathedral mosque will start to be erected for worship in it to the Allah, instead of for this purpose, «that it saw all passing on SCC» as one of influential functionaries of Medzhlis has inadvertently mentioned…


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