Russian Church Will Support Carrying Out of the Cossack Camp Near Bakhchisarai in 2011

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Russian Church Will Support Carrying Out of the Cossack Camp Near Bakhchisarai in 2011

The Russian Orthodox Church will be spiritually participants of the Cossack orthodox camp near Bakhchisarai which in the summer of 2011 will renew the work.

The corresponding arrangement is reached by the Cossacks of Crimea at a meeting with the head of Synod committee of Russian Church on Cossacks affairs, the deputy of the Don monastery bishop Pavlovo-Posadsky Cyril who has visited peninsula.

On it to «New Region» was informed by the participant of a meeting, the ataman of Association of Cossacks of Crimea, the deputy of the City Council of Bakhchisarai from party «Russian unity» Sergey Jurchenko.

«The lord Cyril, the head of Synod committee of Cossacks affairs has visited Crimea with three-day visit, — the ataman has told. — it has met the metropolitan Simferopol and Crimean Lazarem, the Sevastopol decent father Sergiem, has paid attention and to us, Cossacks. Besides me, the ataman participated in a meeting with Cyril South careful Cossack Michael Krupenko».

The priest has told that work with the Cossacks in the Russian Federation changes for the better and passes everywhere. Today in the Russian Federation Cossacks see not only as security guards on religious processions or orthodox holidays. Church and Cossacks carry out joint actions is and summer gathering, field gathering, the Cossack actions, church and Cossack conferences. The similar model of relations develops and in Ukraine, at UPC the Moscow Patriarchy the Synod committee on Cossacks affairs also is created, Church and Cossacks teamwork is spent.

«We meet the lord not for the first time, — told Jurchenko. — During the last conversation with him I have concerned themes of the International military-patriotic camp near Bakhchisarai. We have agreed that in 2011 camp work will pass under Russian Orthodox Church. Besides, we have agreed and about carrying out of joint actions — Christmases, Christenings, the Cover, religious processions, children’s holidays».

The bishop, has informed Sergey Jurchenko, has invited the Crimean Cossacks to a seminar of heads of the Cossack organizations of Ukraine which will pass in the beginning of 2011 in Moscow in the Piously-Uspensky monastery.

As informed «New Region», the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has refused excitation of criminal case against a management of the Cossack camp which under aegis of «Russian unity» operated past summer in Crimea in the Bakhchsarai area. Checking has established that activity of camp doesn’t carry criminal character, in excitation of criminal case against the head of camp — the Cossack ataman Sergey Jurchenko, is refused in the absence of crime structure.

Closings of camp and excitation of criminal case against organizers achieved the Ukrainian nationalists. They have expressed concern in that under aegis of «Russian unity» the Cossack youth has gathered in Crimea from Belarus, Crimea, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Children studied in bases of fighting and fire preparation, receptions of hand-to-hand fight, climbing skills.

Ataman Jurchenko was accused by the Ukrainian nationalists of preparation the adjusted armed insurgents.

Evgenie Andreev

New Region


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