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Subject Journalists?

The management of the Supreme body of Crimea plans to adjust the gear of business interaction from mass-media. With that end in view the cross-sectional commission will approach more rigidly to a question of accreditation of mass media.

It at session of the constant commission of the Supreme body of Crimea on the organization of work of parliament and public relations was declared by its chairman Efim Fiks.

«I would like to leave from purely technical, mechanical work on this question when the representative of mass media brings the documents, the adviser makes out, to me bring a pack of these accreditation cards, I have subscribed and, good-bye», — have explained Fix.

As he said, between the cross-sectional commission and representatives of mass-media the gear of «business interaction» should be adjusted.

«At the first stage it would be possible to organize a meeting and an exchange of opinions with heads of republican mass media with a commission management, and it is better — with a management of the Supreme body of Crimea», — the Fix has told.

He has added that at this meeting it is possible to define «mutual questions and to develop mutual gears». On prospect the same meeting, according to Fix, it is necessary to organize with editors of regional and city mass-media to develop «the complex approach of work of the power and mass media».

«Here it would be possible to find that golden mean when mass media objectively estimated power work, and the power would be opened and transparent for mass media», — the head of the parliamentary commission considers.

In the comment «New Region» Fix has specified that the order of accreditation of employees of mass-media won’t change.

«We won’t change it, it is approved and has passed tests. But to this question we will approach more rigidly — not to the process of accreditation, and to those editions which will be accredited», — Fix has told and has added that those will frequently be accredited who in general any relation to mass media.

Thus Fix has assured that to the mass-media which have given all necessary package of documents, any questions won’t be.

«We want from journalists to hear that they want from us how to build our relations that wasn’t — have brought documents, accredit, and on it our cooperation has ended», — the head of the commission has specified.

Let’s remind that the former management of parliament of Crimea with arrival to the power also tried to change rules of work of representatives of mass-media, essentially having limited the rights of journalists to access to the information. In protest accredited employees of mass-media have come under walls of the Crimean parliament with the fastened mouths. They have expressed the indignation of that fact that thanks to innovations the presidium of the Supreme body of Crimea tries to dose out the information which is starting with its offices, and to get a cudgel for suppression of the objectionable.

Under the pressure of mass-media the cross-sectional commission has cancelled innovations.

Anna Ahmetov


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