The Crimean Tatars of France Are Dissatisfied with the Congress of Medzhlis

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The Crimean Tatars of France Are Dissatisfied with the Congress of Medzhlis

The French diaspora of the Crimean Tatars will introduce the project of the charter of the World congress of the Crimean Tatars. On it to news agency QHA was informed by the president of Association «France-Crimea», the founder of the Virtual museum «Larishes» Gulliver Altin.

According to Guliver Altin, the present project of charter does not reflect imposing appearance of the Crimean Tatar organisations in Congress bodies. «Moreover, the charter project, unfairly, has allocated with the big authorities presidium VKKT», — he has noted.

In the project, Guliver Altin suggests to create instead of Coordination council Advice of chiefs of the organisations entering into the Congress which will have essential authorities. Presidium VKKT should monitor fulfilment of the decision of the Congress and Advice of chiefs of the organisations.

The Presidium structure will include also chiefs of profile committees who will be selected Advice of chiefs of the organisations.

To all other, Altin has noticed that Association «France-Crimea» opposes registration of the World congress of the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine. «The French diaspora is afraid of pressure of the local authority upon Congress activity. VKKT can be registered in one of the EU countries. For example, in Romania», — the head of Association has explained.

Let’s remind that charter has been accepted on May, 22nd, 2009. As the president of Congress Refat Chubar who has also been selected on this post on May, 22nd marked earlier, in a situation with the charter project the additional job, as decision-making on registration VKKT as the international organisation, has caused of clarifications and coordination in the legislation of those of 12 countries, from territory which public organisations participated in work will be conducted.

«Have approved the charter for a basis, delegates have entrusted with coordination council to continue work by a definitive variant of the charter», — the president of the Congress who passed in Crimea from May, 19 till May, 22nd, 2009 has specified.

On materials: news agency QHA


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