The Ukrainian Nationalists Hate Moslems, «Caring» of the Crimean Tatars

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The Ukrainian Nationalists Hate Moslems, «Caring» of the Crimean Tatars

Splashes islamofoby which are even more often observed recently in Europe, disperse circles extensively, reaching borders of Ukraine. Last Swiss referendum which has forbidden building of minarets, has provoked activization of the right forces in other European countries.

Ostensibly, increasing of islamization of Europe is caused by anxiety of Europeans but if objectively to look at things, it is possible to notice ordinary attempt «far right» as them name in Europe, to lift the ratings on fear before, hitherto to unknown Europeans, Islam. Appealing conjectures and the developed stereotypes after events on September, 11th, it managed to achieve the objective.

Islam in Europe became really appreciable for the last half-centuries. The demographic policy of the leading countries has tried to solve a problem at the expense of assimilation of immigrants from the countries of northern Africa, Turkey and other Muslim countries. But, by and large, it was not possible to them. Having faced a problem «islamism», Europe in panic tries to find a way out in attempts of any acceptance of interdictions for minarets, hidjabs, etc. Today there was an actual one more problem which has disturbed Europe is an increase in a Muslim part of the population in comparison with not Muslim. Besides this parity increases at the expense of traditional large families of Moslems-immigrants, it also grows and at the expense of Islam acceptance radical, so to say, Europeans. But the essence remains one — islamofoby, already in any way not hidden by tolerance slogans.

«Not arguments against building of turrets over mosques have convinced the majority to vote for interdiction, and fears which are inspired by Islam, its legal norms, its instructions concerning clothes, its social displays», — the Swiss newspaper «Le There» marks. The newspaper continues: «Thereby, to members of Muslim communities have clearly let know — that you accepted in Switzerland, it is necessary to prove your desire to be integrated».

The conclusion — everything arises that we observe today in Europe there is a consequence of that already Europeans who are practising Islam, do not wish to conduct a way of life to which Europe last 3 centuries «evolved». Perversity which they name freedom, has got into all social classes and has led to that result in which today there is Europe. The narcotism is legal, the unisex marriages are legal, the aspiration erected in a canon will as much as possible take pleasure in a life because of which they at all do not wish to have children. Reaches that for the sake of voices the candidate for the power promises to legalise one more next defect. It depends earlier, he promised any economic reform. It turns out, there is nothing what already to offer. Really such is the end of those who has followed a democracy way?

It is obvious that Moslems believing in Allah will not wish such way of life. It also irritates those who preaches hatred to Islam. And it gives the chance to the candidate for the power to find to itself of supporters and to raise ratings.

Also it appears, and in Ukraine there are supporters of such sights. As inform the Crimean news agencies on December, 20th, supporters of allukrainian associations «Freedom» have led in the Crimean capital a march for cancellation of the agreement with the European Union about reception of refugees which will come into force since January, 2010, and acceptance of the new law on citizenship.

Thus, participants of the action have supported the intentions with «hot slogans» type: «Nelegals, go to the house!»,»Stop migration — save the nation!»,»Stop migration!»,»Ukrain belongs to Ukrainians!» and others. Thus marching scanned:»Glory to the nation- death to enemy!»,»Whom does Ukra§n belongs to? — Ukrainians!»,» Whom does Crimea belongs to? — To us!»,»whom does Sevastopol belongs to? — To us!»,»Ukrain for Ukrainians, for white people». And on a press of conference which they have led for two days before, representatives of «Freedom» have stated some moments, which steels motive:» Without these measures to Ukraine threatens national and a social disaster. After all during the last years Ukraine in search of work has left 7 million able-bodied Ukrainians, and on territory of Ukraine have driven about 7 million migrants from the countries of Africa, Asia and Caucasus. Thus, the Crimean Tatars first of all will suffer, after all we already now observe split in a Muslim community, and quantity of the Muslim population, not integrated into the Crimean society, can cause distribution and strengthening of radical Islamic sights «.

Sergey Lukin, the assistant on youth questions of the chairman of Crimean «Freedom», has noticed that «Freedom» is a unique political force which brings up a question with illegal migration which is a shared problem for a western civilisation in whole and Ukrainian in particular.

Sergey Savchenko, the assistant on ideological questions of the chairman of Crimean «Freedom», has explained to journalists that the announced action is public display of the protest against «Ukraine has turned to a sediment bowl for аsocial elements» are they have placed on the portal (translation from Ukrainian).

As according to the Crimean news agencies Sergey Lukin — the authorised representative of the candidate on a post of the president of Ukraine Oleg Tjagniboka — has told: «France, Holland, Germany cannot cope with migrants from the Muslim countries».

«Europe ceases to be Christian and is lost as a civilisation which developed many centuries if earlier the Asian hordes, coming in territory of Ukraine, Russia and Europe, anything good did not bring …», — Lukin also marks. As he said, in Ukraine such migrants the insignificant quantity, «but takes place creation of religious sects by them, drug traffic etc. And Europe rolls from them».

Lukin has added that the south of France completely islamises, in England, Germany and Sweden the same situation. «Many temples turn to mosques. And in Belgium of 50 % from newborn children are Moslems», — tells authorised representative Tjagnibok.

Lukin has noticed that they are not against religion, but has thus noticed that among Islam «radical currents» extend in a significant amount.

What to tell? If to analyse in aggregate all that occurs in Europe and Ukraine, it is possible to see that nationalists for the sake of coming to power use the same method, at them even names identical. For example, the Dutch right party of freedom and Ukrainian «Freedom». Thus the Ukrainian nationalists — the cleanest plagiats. At them even identical «double standards». On the one hand, express support to the people of caucasus against Russia, and of other statements accuse them that immigrating to Ukraine, they will bring «… illnesses, drugs, unemployment, religious extremism and will transform streets of cities into the centres of criminality and revelry ethnic mafias». And display of «care» of the Crimean Tatars in general looks ridiculous. They wish to learn the Muslim people to «the Islam» and «care» of that the Crimean Tatars were not split by religious extremism. Certainly, representations about Islam at them «expert». It is possible to tell that it is simply cheap islamofobs public relations. When there is no the ideas solving problems of the person as the person, are such which search for the guilty. They do not speak, about how to solve questions facing to a society, how to find the easiest way to satisfy requirement of people and to it to involve in themselves supporters. They search extreme that then to lead the society to tyranny domination. The history of Europe visually shows it.

The newspaper «Renaissance» (Crimea)


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