Vasvi Abduraimov: Growth of Number and Authority of Milli Firka — the Main Achievement in 2009

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Vasvi Abduraimov: Growth of Number and Authority of Milli Firka — the Main Achievement in 2009

On the threshold of New 2010, chairman of Kenesh (Council) of public organisation «Milli Firka» Vasvi Abduraimov has shared with correspondent QHA the last year impressions.

«In spite of the fact that 2009 was difficult in every respect, party Milli Firka has strongly affirmed as consciousness of compatriots, as real force. It has affirmed as force which is capable to deduce the people from deadlock where it was tired out by present leaders of Milli Medzhlis», — V.Abduraimov has noted.

In his opinion, the nation had a hope of the best future. «It is important to justify these expectations. Before us it is necessary to arm a problem the people with the effective political tool for protection of its rights and interests», — he has told and has added, — «Growth of number and authority of party in Crimea, perhaps, for us is the main achievement in leaving both difficult in the economic and political plan to year».

Vasvi Abduraimov also has noticed that it was not possible to make in leaving year. He considers that the most sad that «2009 has not brought any improvements in a life and the political statement of compatriots. Many Crimean Tatars have met the huge difficulties connected not only with economic falling and crisis, but also with those artificial barriers and obstacles which are established in Crimea and in Ukraine as a whole on restoration of legitimate rights of our compatriots».

Having summed up 2009, Vasvi Abduraimov has congratulated all compatriots with coming 2010: » I congratulate you happy New Year!

Let all good that was in leaving year, remains in your heart and will give a charge of vital energy for execution conceived, and every day new year will be kind, creative and happy!

Sincerely I wish, that in coming year you were accompanied invariably by success in all affairs that in your house the consent and a cosiness reigned. Wish all inhabitants of peninsula with good mood to spend the expiring year and not to lose hope for the best, despite problems and difficulties which are easier for overcoming together.

Good health, well-being and love!»

Aider Adjimambetov



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