Ukrainian Demography Is the Worst in Europe

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Ukrainian Demography Is the Worst in Europe

Reduction of the population of Ukraine and departure of experts abroad can lead to that soon in the country there will be a shortage of a labour. It at government session was declared by prime minister Nikolay Azarov.

«Investments first of all are new workplaces. Who will work there? Whether we have enough shots of corresponding qualification? How to provide coincidence of projections of economic growth and development of a demographic situation?» — Azarov has told.

He has noticed that for today a socially-demographic situation in Ukraine one of the worst in Europe.

«We have critical outflow of a labour abroad, and besides, an obvious disbalance in vocational training: our schools, technical schools, high schools let out at all those experts on whom there is a demand in is innovative-investment model of development», — Azarov has underlined.

«Time of serious discussion has come, first of all, with the assistance of scientists and participants of the market — as to us to correct a situation on a labour market and what ways to compensate an unsatisfactory demographic situation. In the near future we will spend such serious conversation», — the prime minister has declared.

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