Will Dzharty Retire on January, 18th?

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Will Dzharty Retire on January, 18th?

The head of Ministerial council of Crimea Vasily Dzharty can retire on January, 18th. About it writes a portal of «Hvilya» referring to sources in Sovmin АRC.

According to the edition, at the moment there is an intensive negotiating process concerning a nominee which will take a place of Dzharty after his resignation. The greatest chances have Nikolay Dzhiga who holds today a post of the governor of Vinnitsa area. Among favourites the brother of vice-president Gennady Vasilev Alexander Vasilev also appears.

«Makeev’s command stays in confusion. Attempt to send vice-premier Pavel Burlakov to Kiev on negotiations has failed, since in capital anybody from significant persons it was not possible to meet to it. Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoly Mogilev according to our sources has refused transfer into Crimea», — marks «Hvilya».

The edition asserts that to Kiev on negotiations there went the Crimean politician, the ex-governor of Sevastopol Sergey Kunitsyn who doesn’t give up hope to return to a holder. His chances, most likely, are insignificant. Obviously, Alexander Melnik’s group will lobby the nominee. It can be Anatoly Gritsenko or other nominee. However, Melnik is today in the USA, therefore drops out of negotiating process before returning to Ukraine.

Let’s notice that the ex-mayor of Donetsk small town Makeyevka Vasily Dzharty has headed Sovmin of Crimea in the spring of 2010. After appointment he has sharply strengthened a personal vertical of the power in Crimea, «has knocked down» oppositional mass-media. With his arrival in АRC all key posts have been occupied by natives of Donetsk area. In November, 2010 Vasily Dzharty had two operations — under the official version it is sick of an ulcer. According to the informal information at Vasily Dzharty — a stomach cancer.



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