Yanukovych Agitates on the Crimean Tatar Language

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Yanukovych Agitates on the Crimean Tatar Language

The staff of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine, the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych continues to involve the Crimean Tatar electorate on the party.

On the threshold of the second round of presidential election which will take place on February, 7th, in places of compact residing of the Crimean Tatars the leaflet in support of Victor Yanukovych also on the Crimean Tatar language extends.

In a leaflet which circulation constitutes 70 thousand copies, the Crimean Tatars urge to support Victor Yanukovych as he is the skilled politician and the chief, and his opponent, the prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko — has tired out the country in crisis.

«Yanukovych is good and light, Timoshenko is bad and dark», — is told in a leaflet.

In Medzhlis is considered positive that Victor Yanukovych’s staff extends leaflet on Crimean Tatar language.

As the first deputy of the chairman of Medzhlis has declared Refat Chubarov, «manufacturing and distribution leaflet on Crimean Tatar language it is positive, it can be paid compliments only».

Let’s remind, Yanukovych’s electoral programme «Ukraine for people» on Crimean Tatar language earlier extended. An edition total print — 100 thousand copies.



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