Aziz Abdullaev Is Not A Deputy Any More

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Aziz Abdullaev Is Not A Deputy Any More

Powers of the deputy of Supreme Rada ARC Aziz Abdullaev’s selected under lists of the Crimean regional organization of National Ruh of Ukraine fraction «Kurultaj-Ruh» are ahead of schedule stopped. The corresponding decision is accepted at plenary session of parliament of an autonomy on December, 22nd.

In particular, in the document which text the Crimean news agency has, it is specified that Aziz Abdullaev has personally put in the statement for addition of the deputy powers.

The given decision was supported by 77 deputies from 77 voting.

Let’s remind, Aziz Abdullaev went under lists NRU under № 5. Political force has received 5 mandates, and under the list 15 persons stood.

Aziz Abdullaev (is the assistant to the Crimean prime minister) has decided to combine powers of the member of parliament as considers wrong to occupy simultaneously some posts. Thus he believes that will be more useful, working in power executive powers.


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