Ilyasov Worries…

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Ilyasov Worries…

Functions on arrangement and welfare development deported (than the abolished State committee of Ukraine on affairs of nationalities and religions was engaged) should be concretized in other structure. It was declared by the head of Constant commission SR ARC of international relations and problems of the deported citizens Remzi Ilyasov, his press-service transfers.

«To a question of the abolished State committee of Ukraine on affairs of nationalities and the religions, carried out within the limits of administrative reform, it is necessary to return or accurately to concretize function regarding arrangement and welfare development deported in other again created structure», — considers Remzi Ilyasov.

Thus he has noticed that administrative reformation, in frameworks which the committee has been abolished, is the requirement of the International Currency Fund. «And I can’t give here the estimation, but with full confidence I will tell that, before to spend it in Crimea, I will leave with a note about necessity of creation here working group which attentively would study this point in question», — head of the personal computer has underlined.

He also has reminded that Statecomreligion was engaged in the decision of problems of the deported citizens, covering various fields of activity — legal, legislative, cultural-ethnic, and also building of habitation, an engineering infrastructure, employment deported, other. «It and the problems connected with traverse of borders, customs, development of mass-media in native languages — that is, the whole complex of directions which the Ministry of culture of Ukraine not in a condition to regulate», — is assured by Remzi Ilyasov.

In this connection he complains that many questions of arrangement deported aren’t fixed till now to one department.

«If to go by the way of optimization, I would suggest to create something it is similar to the State agency on problems of the deported people of Ukraine, but to translate a problem of restoration of the rights deported, their movings, arrangement, welfare development in the regional policy will be precipitate step as in that case we will lose a vertical and all turned out for many years», — head of the personal computer has told.

Also has added: «In the given context I am imposed by statements of the Crimean authorities. <…> heads of an autonomy plan to keep Republican committee on affairs of international relations and the deported citizens».

Let’s remind, recently the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych reformed system of the central authorities, having reduced number of workers of the government and other bodies of the central power.

Thus the presidential decree had been liquidated the State committee of Ukraine on affairs of nationalities and religions. Functions of registration of the religious organizations will be carried out by neogenic State registration service of Ukraine. At the same time state policy realization in religion sphere has passed in the competence of the reorganized Ministry of culture of Ukraine.


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