Consider Jerusalem As Indivisible Capital Of Israel — Madness

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Consider Jerusalem As Indivisible Capital Of Israel — Madness

To consider Jerusalem as indivisible capital of Israel as it is done by Israelis, is «madness», the prime minister of Turkey Tajip Erdogan has declared on Saturday on March, 27th. «Israelis say that Jerusalem — united and indivisible capital of Israel. This is madness», — Erdogan at opening of the next summit of League of the Arabian states (LOG) in Libya has told.

The prime minister of Turkey also has underlined that Jerusalem is a sacred place for Moslems of all world. «We will not indulgently look at the Israeli attacks to Jerusalem and to sacred Muslim places in this city», — the Turkish prime minister has added.

East Jerusalem occupied by Israel in 1967, is key point in the arabo-Israeli settlement. Palestinians intend to base there capital of the state while the Israeli party considers all city as the uniform and indivisible capital. In East Jerusalem there are some Muslim relics, including the well-known mosque of Al-Aksa.

In the meantime, at opening of the Interarabian summit in Sirte the chairman of the Palestinian national administration (PNА) Mahmud Abbas has urged the United Nations Organization to force Israel to observe international law.

«Renewal of indirect negotiations with Israel will not be until building of settlements proceeds, — he has told. — the United Nations is ought to force the Israeli management to adhere the norms of international law and to direct observers to watch its infringements».

«Now it is extremely necessary to undertake immediate steps for rescue of idea of creation of two states — that, in what Israel does not believe also anything for this purpose does not do. There is no sense in creation of the Palestinian state if Jerusalem does not become its capital», — has noted Abbas, having specified in necessity of working out of the Interarabian plan on support of Jerusalem and granting it with the additional financial help.

Head of PNА also has urged movement HAMAS to sign the Interpalestinian agreement. «It is necessary to finish reconciliation process to return unity to our native land, — he has underlined. Аbbas also has called for lifting of a blockade from the Palestinian territories, first of all, from Gaza Strip.

Let’s remind, some time ago the new plan of Israel on building of 1,6 thousand units of habitation in East Jerusalem for Jews has broken efforts of the USA on adjustment of indirect palestin-Israeli dialogue.

On materials: RIA Novosti news agency,


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