Europeans Are Against Turkey

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Europeans Are Against Turkey

The majority of Europeans would express against the introduction of Turkey into the European Union if the decision was in this respect accepted on national referenda.

To it I testify results of interrogation «Perception Europeans of Turkey as future member of EU» which has been conducted in August-September, 2009 in Germany, Spain, France, Poland and Great Britain.

Against the introduction of Turkey into EU 52 % interrogated have acted. 41 % of respondents would express in support of acceptance of Turkey in EU, and 7 % have not given the certain answer.

The majority of respondents has told there is no»in France (64,4 %), Germany (62 %) and Great Britain (46,3 %). On the contrary,»yes»to the introduction of Turkey into EU dominated in answers of citizens of Poland (54,1 %) and Spain (53,2 %).

Negotiations on the introduction of Turkey in EU have been begun in 2005. Under forecasts of experts becomes the full member of the European Union the country can within 10-15 years.

Let’s remind, in 2009 against the introduction of Turkey into EU the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has expressed. At the same time expansion of the European Union at the expense of Turkey the US president has supported the Barrack Obama.

Bulgaria and Romania became the last members of the European Union since January, 1st, 2007. Thus members of EU now are 27 states in which, in general, lives more than 500 million persons. As it was informed, on December, 22nd, 2009 the official demand for the introduction into EU was submitted by Serbia.

On materials: RIA Novosti news agency


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