Moskal’s Revelations

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Moskal’s Revelations

Islamic radicals from organisation «Hizb-ut-Tahrir» are already capable to collect in Crimea about 30-40 thousand ideological supporters. It was declared by the Ukrainian militian general deputy Gennady Moskal.

«Radical Muslim organisation» Hizb-ut-Tahrir «has received there (in Crimea) considerable influence. By my calculations, in its numbers 30 thousand young men of productive age», — he has informed in interview to magazine «Tijden».

«It is powerful force and if not to consider to it, it can collect 30-40 thousand people on the support, and, not for money, but for idea. It is necessary to recognise that this organisation much more effective and influential, than Ukrainian which sit on one sofa, fight among themselves and cry that nobody helps them», — summarised Moskal.

Kiev keeps Crimea thanking the politician «divide and dominate»

Gennady Moskal also has declared that Kiev manages to keep the control over Crimea thanking the politician «divide and dominate», led on peninsula.

«It is favourable to Kiev to push together foreheads different branches of the power in Crimea. Artificial conflicts are always created on peninsula for Crimeans to be engaged and not to think about independence expansion», — Moskal has told in interview to magazine «Tijden».

«On peninsula now there is no leader who would have a controlling stock. And thanks God! If such person appears, Crimea will want to receive at once the status of Dnestr region, South Ossetia, Abkhazia or, God forbid, Kosovo. Therefore the power from Kiev should look, such person not to appeared», — the Ukrainian general has called.

On materials: news agency New Region-Crimea


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