Will Ukraine Collapse After Presidential Election?

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Will Ukraine Collapse After Presidential Election?

Ukraine in present borders can stop the existence after presidential election — such variant is discussed already actively by world special services.

It was declared by general Alexander Skipalsky — the former chief of Central administrative board of military investigation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, ex-vice-president of SSU, the former chief of a protection service of Victor Yushchenko.

«It is already modelled and discussed in special services… The world», — he has told in interview to the newspaper «Capital news».

According to Skipalsky, the world centres of influence with pleasure «will take to pieces» Ukraine.

«I will tell so: nature abhors a vacuum. Ukraine will disassemble… With pleasure», — the general considers.

«In the history there are laws which need to be understood. Throughout many centuries Ukraine had no own state machinery. Somehow during discussion I have spent such analogy: Jews went to the statehood of two thousand years. They have developed in themselves such genotype — to hang together in any situation. And we, Ukrainians, have survived only because were good servants. We easily submitted and worked on other country. This unpleasant fact should be realised», — ascertained Skipalsky.



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