A New Mosque Have Been Opened in Koreiz

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A New Mosque Have Been Opened in Koreiz

On September, 6th 2010. Koreiz organization Milli Firka (head Ali Jajachik) has invited on iftar dear people, the elders living in Koreiz, Ajvasil, Gaspra. Before action in the restored mosque of Koreiz the Mohammedan prayer has been made. Among invited and participants there were imams of Muslim communities Adzhi-Usein Kadyrov and Shamil Chakalov, the chairman of a community of «Eren-Evlija» Kemal Cuku, 92 years old native of Ajvasyl nowadays living in native settlement Seitumer Adamanov.

On September, 9th after a celebratory Mohammedan prayer in a mosque and prayer, read on a cemetery, members of Muslim communities of «Eren Evlija» (Koreiz) and «Ismail Gaspraly» (Gaspra) have gathered again in Koreiz mosques.

The solemn meeting devoted to opening repaired djami has taken place. It is restored (it is constructed anew) a minaret, finishing inside finishing and external works are performed. Many took part in the general charitable business. The greatest contribution Ali Jajachik, Kemal Cuku have brought, Eldar Jajachik, Ahtem and Amir Medzhidov…

To congratulate Moslems on significant event Vladimir Mihajlovich Potipak, a member of the Yalta Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies and the chairman of the Crimean regional branch of Party for human rights Yury Mihajlovich Kovalyov have come a mayor of Yalta Sergey Borisovich Brajko, Koreiz rural head.

Meeting has opened the chairman of Koreiz conducted communities native of Koreiz 78 year old Kemal Cuku. Before the gathered have acted: the chairman of local government of Chatal-kaja Amir Medzhidov; responsible for works on repair and mosque restoration, a member of Kenesh of Milly Firka Ali Jajachik; Asan Hurshutov the leader of Yalta city organization Milly Firka, and many other participants of a celebration.

In holiday its participants have tried an entertainment prepared in honor of long-awaited event.

Press service Milli Firka


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