In Milli Firka Think: What for Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatars to Yatsenyuk?

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In Milli Firka Think: What for Council of Representatives of the Crimean Tatars to Yatsenyuk?

«What is Arseny Petrovich’s suddenly woken up interest to their destiny and position in the state caused?» — have asked a question in the organization. In Milli Firka have noticed that the party leader «Front Zmin» for all dizzy political career for the first time so essentially and so has openly expressed the concern in problems of the Crimean Tatars.

On it to the correspondent of news agency «Political archives» have informed in press-service Milli Firka.

Let’s remind that party «Front Zmin« press-service has informed on February, 4th on the initiative of its leader Arseny Yatsenyuk who has demanded from the President of Ukraine «urgent convocation of Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people… In connection with deterioration of a situation and intensity growth in Autonomous republic Crimea».
In particular, in Milli Firka have noticed that «Yatsenyuk begins with the main thing — it appears, he is disturbed by a situation with maintenance with the earth of the Crimean Tatars in an autonomy. The situation aggravation in republic in this connection is more true.

Really, the agrarian question in Ukraine becomes today fatal. Practically all is already prepared for it and the subsequent sale in universal scale. For the politician and furthermore from oppositional camp, not to say word in protection made destitute and deprived earth (future voters, by the way) who for certain will appear superfluous on this holiday of life, would be inexcusable short-sightedness ».

«Changes, we wait for changes! You give Advice of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people!», — the leader of «Front Zmin» demands from the head of the state.

In what, according to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, these changes should consist? After all Council already, like, is.

«It exists but who will let it be, if even Mustafa Dzhemilev is against it! And what it is representatives of the Crimean Tatar people if they are oppositional to Medzhls?! It can’t be, because can’t be… Such is a message of inquiry of the people’s choice.

Let’s remind, in due time Leonid Danilovich, on the understanding understanding that a Crimean Tatar problem in present Ukraine basically not to solve, took and has created Council of representatives entirely from members of Medzhlis, «from representatives who have been selected directly by the Crimean Tatar people». And it is correct, what for a head to itself and another to fool, solving a Crimean Tatar puzzle.

After all where is easier: from time to time to visit to Crimea, to eat-drink in Bakhchisarai, to be delayed in Yalta and again to Kiev to steer the wheel the state.

Approximately, the same scheme of «decision» of a Crimean Tatar question of Yatsenyuk offers today and to Victor Yanukovych.

What for it is necessary to Yatsenyuku, to understand not difficult. Not far off elections in Rada. And it is necessary to think of the political future and the future allies, in Crimea including. About same Mustafa Dzhemilev thinks also.

It too oh as would like to remain sitting in an armchair of deputy. For this purpose he needs to reserve the ticket in a part of the list of party through passage, garantee passing in parliament. «Front Zmin» — that party that is necessary.

Here to Mustafa Dzhemilev as on any market, it is interesting to buy the mandate more cheaply, and to sell more expensively. The leader of Medzhlis noticed that in the ideological plan «Batkivshchina» and «Front zmin» are the relatives for us. Therefore «Batkivshchina» and «Front zmin» the most probable allies on elections ».
Last phrase key. Mustafa Dzhemilev Arseny Yatsenyuk has reacted to a pass quickly and correctly. Whatever one may do, and except Medzhlis and a part of the Crimean Tatars to it in Crimea to count there is nobody.

«Front Zmin» failure on the elections which have passed in October, 2010 in local authorities it has obviously shown. As we see Yatsenyuk and Dzhemilev have mutual interest to each other. At other participants of pre-election auction chances to catch Medzhlis in the basket much less. At «Batkivshchina» — the future in a fog.
The strong opposition isn’t necessary to Party of Regions. Absolutely without opposition too in any way, Europe won’t understand and who knows «will block oxygen» credits and investments. As opposition anybody seriously doesn’t perceive Sergey Tigipko strangled in embraces. «Freedom» of Tjagnibok — only a horror story for nervous. Gray-haired Litvin himself on a hair hangs. Not with communists to go?!

On their background expressing discontent within the limits of decency and established by Party of Regions Arseny Yatsenyuk corrected has clear advantages to occupy a niche of constructive opposition in the future Supreme Rada of Ukraine. In such quasi-opozitsii to Mustafa Dzhemilev the place. And what is necessary for it for a quiet old age? », — summarized in Milli Firka.


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