Kunitsyn Has Asked Dzhemilev «Not to Drive a Wave»

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Kunitsyn Has Asked Dzhemilev «Not to Drive a Wave»

The head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev intends while to refrain from comments concerning Victor Yanukovych’s decree about dismissal of Ilmi Umerov from a post of the head of the Bakhchsarai district state administration.

«I had a call from representation of the president in Crimea, have told, that is it meanwhile means nothing on procedure. At first can dismiss, and happens so that he will be appointed again. Therefore very much asked me not to make comments yet on this question before final decision removal. Only then we will be defined», — Dzhemilev has declared to journalists in Kiev.

It is echoed by the ex-head of Bakhchsarai administration Ilmi Umerov who does not exclude that will be repeatedly appointed to a former post.

«On July, 7th on 14.45 I was invited by Vasily Dzharty, at 16.00 meeting with participation of the international organisation the LINK — I participate. Tomorrow Vladimir Konstantinov goes to area — I intend to meet and accompany him. In spite of the fact that I am dismissed today», — I.Umerov has told in the comment to agency e-Crimea.

Chairman DSА has noticed that President Victor Yanukovych yet has not signed the order about purpose of other nominee for a post of the head of the Bakhchsarai administration. Thereupon he does not exclude that can repeatedly hold a post. «There is only an order about dismissal, about purpose is not present. Theoretically it is still possible that there will be a purpose besides on me», — I.Umerov has assumed.

If the President appoints the head of the Bakhchsarai area of other candidate I.Umerov intends to leave to work in Bakhchsarai regional Medzhlis.

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