Mister Chubarov R. A obviously Is Really Nervous!

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Mister Chubarov R. A obviously Is Really Nervous!

I was simply shocked with R.Chubarov’s unevenness which funeral of a member of the Medzhlis in spite of the fact that it were, the chairman of a revision committee Kurtegen Asanov, having approached to me, has literally burst in charge of Milli Firka and threats that he has what to write and tell and that he won’t be silent. He has declared that Milli Firka in the newspaper a voice of Crimea has printed caricatures on him and M.Dzhemilev, having hung up on him crosses.

I, didn’t know about what it is about, has told that yet hasn’t read and that funeral is not a place for dismantlings, but, in my opinion, R.Chubarov at all hasn’t heard that I have told him, before he has been enraged.

Respected, Refat-bei! If you are the true Moslem should know, a seeing-off deceased not a place for dismantlings, there people have to pray for the peace of soul deceased and think that it will comprehend everyone, instead of to be engaged in analysis of wordly affairs.

That has called R.Chubarov’s such anger: Having come home I has seen that in the newspaper «Voice of Crimea» on page of Milli Firka are represented in a comical kind M.Dzhemilev, R.Chubarov. On a neck and on a breast at them crosses are represented. No accompanying text in the newspaper is present. Most likely, the represented crosses mean the awards received by them in an award from the Ukrainian state.

The government awards of people for special merits, for fidelity to this state, for protection against enemies, for carrying out in life of a policy and decisions of this state.

Whether I don’t know you received awards with the image on them of crosses from the Ukrainian government? If you received these awards that what for to take offense at the comical image of these crosses on your breast.

If didn’t receive, you have a right to bring an action against authors of a caricature.

I was surprised that you, Refat-bei, dock in the politician, always sustained, reasonably arguing could so to break on usual charges and threats.

And is better would be, without giving vent to the anger on funeral, to address in office Milli Firka and there to understand, with what occurrence of such caricature is connected? It would be more reasonable decision.

Probably, pre-election race has so exhausted you that at you have started to be nervous. Would like, as the doctor, to remind that such stresses are fraught for health.

Yours faithfully D.Iljas.


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