Russia Carries Out Special Action on Destruction of the Ukrainian Statehood

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Russia Carries Out Special Action on Destruction of the Ukrainian Statehood

Vladimir Vasilenko, the plenipotentiary ambassador of Ukraine in the countries has declared it the Benelux countries.

«Unfortunately, today the Ukrainian-Russian relations are not mutual relations of two sovereign states respecting each other, being guided by international law, and is faster relations of the scale special action which are carried out by Russia against Ukraine contrary to elementary requirements of international law and good neighbourhood, an ultimate goal of that is destruction of its independent statehood», — is told in article of Vasilenko published in the Ukrainian newspaper «Day».

«Last year in the State Duma of the Russian Federation consideration of a question on budgetary financing of propaganda support of the status of Ukraine as neutral state has been initiated. Strangely enough, all it coincides with occurrence in the Ukrainian mass-media of various materials in which necessity of refusal of Ukraine from a course on membership in the NATO is proved and even entering into the new Constitution of Ukraine of position about the status of Ukraine» is offered «, — the diplomat exposes intrigues of Moscow.

«Declaration of Ukraine as the neutral state will not stop, and will encourage the subsequent aggressive actions of Russia concerning Ukraine, and I will refer to rather indicative episode from the Russian-Georgian relations. It preceded large-scale application by Russia of armed forces against Georgia in the summer of 2008. During the meeting which have taken place in It is new-ogarevo in February, 2008 between the president of the Russian Federation Putin and the president of Georgia M.Saakashvili, last has offered the following compromise:« We now refuse to sign everything that it is not pleasant to you, now we refuse the NATO, we refuse the European Union, we refuse any neighbour’s policy, and very much I ask to pledge a word that you resolve conflicts, but only in the form of contracts and in real terms that you will return the territories occupied by you ». In the answer Putin has told:« … We have purpose, and our purposes concerning you or we realise others up to the end ». As Russia has carried out the purposes concerning Georgia — it is known to all. So Ukraine on turn», — warns Vasilenko.

«The course of our state on a full membership in the NATO and EU is uncontested. It is obvious in the light of last statements and actions of a management of the Russian Federation considering Ukraine not as the independent state, and as the lost part of own territory. From here rough intervention in internal affairs of Ukraine, blackmail and pressure, existence of real threat of encroachments on territorial integrity and the state independence of Ukraine. In the circumstances the public of Ukraine should demand from the president and the government of Ukraine of the strengthened financing of national Armed forces», — the Ukrainian ambassador calls.

On materials: news agency New Region — Kiev


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