The New Bone in a Throat of Medzhlis — Milli Firka Goes on Local Elections

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The New Bone in a Throat of Medzhlis — Milli Firka Goes on Local Elections

In Crimea for a long time already there was a kind tradition — before each elections in the Supreme Rada of the Autonomy and local Crimean Counsils necessarily there is any Crimean Tatar force which joins in struggle for deputy mandates and, contrasting itself with Medzhlis tries to break away a pie part under the name «Crimean Tatar electorate».

2006 when on arena there was «a crimean Tatar block» under the direction of Medzhlis, passed in opposition, the former vice-premier of Crimean government Edip Gafarov was the most indicative in this respect. Then the rating of «the Crimean Tatar block», well growing, as a result of brilliant special action of Medzhlis has failed, and the block has not got to autonomy parliament, and Gafarov has been forced to leave the big Crimean policy.

Let’s remind an operation essence: shortly before ballot day Medzhlis have shown on TV videorecording on which Gafarov coming into headquarters of a consignment «Union» (has been embodied by one of basic opposing Medzhlis of political forces) which is headed by the millionaire Lev Mirimsky.

Thanks to this record, Gafarov has been convicted of cooperation with «the Antitatar» forces, however, despite it «the Crimean Tatar block» all the same managed to pull about Medzhlis nerves a slice from a pie. Right after elections-2006 the chairman of a main representative body the Crimean Tatar people of Mustafa Dzhemilev has publicly condemned those who split Crimean Tatar electorate, and the special place in his angry speech has got to Gafarovu.

«In it to a number the special place takes so-called« the Crimean Tatar block »led by Kurultaj Edip Gafarov proscribed from among delegates, were completely on the contents of the Prorussian chauvinistic consignment»Union», — has told then Dzhemilev.

Considering last experience and that fact that to local elections there is not too a lot of time, many experts believed that elections-2010 for Medzhlis will pass much more easy. However the destiny has prepared the surprises: on January, 12th at press conference in Akmesdzhit (Simferopol) the chairman oppositional to Crimean Tatar Medzhlis has declared consignments of Milli Firka Vasvi Abduraimov that his political force intends to go on local elections.

«The most important business which is necessary to us in respect of definition of the political liking and antipathies, are elections on May, 30th, 2010 in local government bodies and in the Supreme Rada of Crimea on which the consignment« Milli Firka »will stand independently under the brand», — Abduraimov at press conference has declared.

Thus in one of the recent interviews, published on a site «Milli Firka», Abduraimov, summing up 2009, has declared a considerable increase of number of the consignment.

«Growth of number and authority of a consignment in Crimea, perhaps, for us is main achievement in leaving year», — Abduraimov has told, but thus did not name what concrete figures.

Experts are not united in opinion concerning chances of the given force to pass in parliament. One say that considering the summer PR-campaign which Milli Firka leads on pages of the newspaper «Peninsula», and an expanding regional network of a consignment, its chances to pass in the Supreme Rada at the expense of a part of Crimean Tatra electorate are high enough. Others repeat that numerous failure shares of Milli Firka (for example, the circulation to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the request to protect the Crimean Tatars from a genocide which ostensibly is conducted by Ukraine; active sharing in «National meeting the Crimean Tatar people» in Sudak, and also pressure which will render Medzhlis, will not allow a consignment to prove to be adequately on elections, and it will be waited, most likely, by destiny of predecessors.

However both those, and others are confident: in case of sharing of a consignment «Milli Firka» on elections again will take away a part of voices of the Crimean Tatars that in the conditions of change of a political guideline for Medzhlis is completely not desirable.

Let’s notice that V.Abduraimov is inclined to consider that his consignment will pass in parliament. «If the Allah gives also the people will support, we will win elections. We hope for it», — he has told in interview «VC», having declared also that is not afraid of a competitiveness with Medzhlis.

However to optimism of Abduraimova considering recent loud scandal in a consignment, connected with an exit from its structure of 3 members it is possible to envy.

All anything, if not a name of one of left — Ajder Emirov who is the founder of a consignment, his the first the chief, and also the founder of a main megaphone of Milli Firka of the newspaper «Peninsula». As this scandal will affect the further development of an inner-party situation — but already it is now clear — it will not result in positive results and even can become the cause for partial split of a consignment, than can take advantage and for certain Medzhlis will take advantage.

While in Medzhlis show composure and indifference to applications of Abduraimov for possible sharing of Milli Firka in forthcoming elections, in any way without making comments in mass-media this question, and in Milli Firka are prepared for the most responsible for the period of the existence for political races.

Enver Abibulla

«A voice of Crimea» №5 (840) on January, 29th, 2010


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