Ukraine Will Not Cope With a Problem of the Crimean Tatars

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Ukraine Will Not Cope With a Problem of the Crimean Tatars

… Politicians, businessmen and other Russian interested persons hardly monitor, sweating palms and nervously biting nails, behind elections in Ukraine. All have counted for a long time all and know, who and why will be the president who — the prime minister, approximately — who what will be the minister. Know it both in Moscow, and in Washington, and, of course, in Kiev. And, most likely, all with all for a long time have agreed.

Uneasy «researches» of our political scientists about the Ukrainian elections for mutual relations «Russia — Ukraine» — simple working off of a daily bread. Are nervous, goggling in the TV, politicians, deputies and other participants of numerous television talk shows, rather theatrically. Ridiculously to look, how communists rush on liberals, trying to convince last that Ukraine — the same Russia, and Ukrainians — ours to the core. Also ridiculously to listen to the liberals approving that there is for a long time no fraternal people, and there is only the real Ukrainian identity.

Repeaters of the Kremlin line of conduct comfort participants of all of these games an item of authors «Confidential materials» — a pier, true somewhere nearby, and even at all in the middle. All this enormous heap of the truth, lie, conjectures, nonsenses and wise forecasts break, strangely enough, about the Ukrainian validity. Here we have got used to sneer indulgently: at them a brothel as at us in the beginning 90, in general, as it is possible to speak about the Ukrainian democracy, if at them an infinite quarrel for the power!

Undoubtedly, a situation in Ukraine absolutely especial. Internal regional contradictions «West-east», and also absence of national idea does in many respects unpredictable the future of this country. Especially, in conditions when «children of the Maidan» try to formulate this most national idea from the Antirussian and Antirussian items. The law on language which in the beginning of an epoch of disintegration of the USSR was the instrument of national self-determination and self-identification for union republics, in Ukraine has caused an indignation and protest wave. Herosation of the local nationalists who have sided with Hitler, too does not do honour of administration of Yushchenko. Infinite attacks of the Ukrainian authorities to Crimea and the Russian fleet… Problems which to itself were created on the Antirussian rhetoric and acts by the Ukrainian power not to count. Here Ukrainians also have expressed voting, without having kept Victor Andreevich any chance.

It is good or bad that the president will be either Yanukovych, or Timoshenko — I will not begin to argue. On my deep belief, both of the candidate for Ukraine — intermediate, got stuck and wallowed in the Intraukrainian dismantlings, and not having convincing own state item. A primitive deal — for Russia or against — dangerous error of many politicians believing that it is possible to enter in same I drive twice if the small river is called in the same way, as before. Only the following generation of new Ukrainians, today’s thirty-year, will try to connect seriously, as a matter of fact, the broken off territory, where «east» — enemies «western» where there is no unique national language. Will it be possible to them or not is a question on which today there is no answer. There are a lot of variants, and one of them, unfortunately, the further delimitation of regions up to attempts of creation of autonomies, branches and recutting of existing borders. In addition to everything, already today abundantly clear that Ukraine will not cope with a problem of the Crimean Tatars, and one God knows today, what side will turn out this problem in the near future.

All these horrors of the modern state Ukrainian system, undoubtedly, take place. Yes, in many respects, today Ukraine — a parody to the state, a copper with a borsch in which the power tries to boil down to a condition inedible bones of the right nationalism and insolvent ambitions.

But here the first round of presidential election has taken place. And they have shown that the Ukrainian submissions about democratic character at realisation of national plebiscite, are close, strangely enough, to an ideal.

Certainly, Yushchenko has lost in all respects. He is extremely unpopular, as has defaulted this pre-election pledge of the previous presidential company. But Ukraine with Yushchenko was changed. That would not occur in the country, neither the president, nor his administration did not encroach on fundamental freedoms of citizens. The political life in the country is, and it is very active. Unlike Russia in which the opposition is strangled «for a long time already». Results of any voting on elections of any level are predetermined, and the administrative resource of the party in power the bulldozer paves way to overwhelming majority in any representation. Our parliament, as it is known, not a place for discussions…

Let’s return to Ukraine. As though Yanukovych did not tell about occurring elections in Ukraine, there there is nothing fatal. The mechanism of elections works, and it means that those hardly are mistaken Ukrainian leaders who think that the main thing — to win the power. Will keep it difficultly because in 5 years it will be necessary to confirm the capacity. The instrument of correction of errors in Ukraine is — working elections. The Ukrainian power Ukrainians and Russians sympathising them as though did not abuse, the political project «Ukraine» has taken place, it works.

«The elite which even is torn apart by contradictions, using the big and small mutual provocations, all the same some principles and game rules observes», — political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin considers. He has declared that «fair elections because voices considered frankly have taken place. The best proof to it is that the working president has typed 6 %. And in it, by the way, its big merit for which nobody will thank him. On his place other would try to save himself in the power by all means.

At the same time apathy and depression have knocked our country. People, at all very much understanding the politician, I understand that somewhere here them have once again arranged. Monopoly for the power — a piece very dangerous. If somebody does not remember, disorder of the USSR has begun with the consignment by degrees lost items of supervising and directing energies. At first of it joked on kitchen, then began to mock in opened, and the result is known for all.

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