The President Has Suspended Medzhlis

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The President Has Suspended Medzhlis

Expected dismissal of the chairman of Bakhchsarai DSA Ilmi Umerov has taken place. However, the head of the state has not given the answer whom he would like to see at the head of the Bakhchsarai area. While the chairman of the district state administration is not appointed, Medzhlis remains in a hover. Probably, in this position it should carry on negotiations with President Victor Yanukovych.

On July, 7th the head of the state has dismissed a number of heads of regional administrations among which there was also a surname of Ilmi Umerov. Orders about purpose for a vacant place have not appeared yet. There are two most probable variants: either reassignment of Umerov, or a choice in favour of the head of Genichesky regional council Sejtumer Nimetullaev.

Ilmi Umerov theoretically supposes that Victor Yanukovych will leave him in Bakhchisarai. «There is only an order about dismissal, about purpose is not present. Theoretically it is still possible that there will be a purpose besides on me», — he in the comment has declared to agency e-Crimea. While head of DSA continues working on the post.

Let’s remind that the previous personnel blow Medzhlis has received in June when the head of Kirov DSA Kadyr Osmanov has lost the post.

According to political scientist Nariman Dzheljal, dismissal of Crimean Tatar heads of administrations can be Victor Yanukovych’s preparation for negotiations with Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people at the President of Ukraine. «As far as I know, the meeting of the President with Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people on which, I think is planned, the question will be seriously discussed with heads of administrations. Now the Party of Regions shows the force, compelling Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatar people to be more compliant in the future negotiations», — N.Dzheljal has told.

Today two regional Medzhlises — Bakhchsarai and Kirov — initiate convocation of extreme Kurultaj. The attention to the question on reaction central Medzhlis on personnel decisions of the President can be discussed there. One of possible measures of the protest — an exit of the Crimean Tatars from authorities.

However while the question with Umerov has not cleared up definitively, the management of Medzhlis hardly will go on such measures. On the one hand, convocation of Kurultaj see you with the President could become a resolute course of representation body of the Crimean Tatars. But with another, in Medzhlis influence of officials is great, who are interested in remaining at the portfolios. The empty armchair of the head Bakhchsarai DSА will be their main argument to leave it as it is now.

Nariman Dzheljal considers that Medzhlis will not convoke extreme Kurultaj see you with the President irrespective of, whether there will be by then vacant a place of the head of the Bakhchsarai area or not. «If after a meeting with President Ilmi Umerov or someone another, close to Medzhlis, is not appointed to a post of the chairman Bakhchsarai DSА, will take place the expanded meeting, which should solve how to act to Medzhlis. Certainly, the decision on leaving from authorities will be sounded there also», — the political scientist predicts.

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