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The Tatar Factor

The situation in Crimea becomes aggravated

The Crimean Tatar problem, seemingly, moves to the centre of a political life not only Autonomous republic Crimea, but also all Ukraine. The reasons of sharply increased activity of leaders of the groupings representing various fractions of national movement of the Crimean Tatars, probably, it is necessary to search not only in internal policy sphere.

The next aggravation round so-called «agrarian question», and better to say — self-captures of the earths in various (as a rule, the most fertile) areas of peninsula under the pretext of restoration of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people who have become by a victim of Stalin deportation in 1944 became a formal pretext for activization of the Crimean Tatar active workers who have begun on July, 12th the next series of protests on a central square of Simferopol. In April of this year prime minister of АRC Vasily Dzharty has made a rash statement, having admitted a variant of legal legalisation of results of already taken place actions of violent ground repartition. With that, however, a condition that henceforth all similar actions will be stopped. After Dzharty has specified the position, having recollected existence such minority as the Ukrainian legislation, and having underlined that round Simferopol and on Southern coast of Crimea «anybody will not legalise self-captures». Nevertheless, the initial promise «to solve an agrarian question» does not remain not noticed in the Crimean Tatar environment, and now, according to the information from organisation «Avdet», every day some hundreds persons will take part in protest actions from Simferopol, Sudak, Alushty, Evpatoria and other areas of an autonomy.

Simultaneously the Crimean Tatars have started the next stage of political consolidation, obviously, expecting to fix thus the reached successes in redistribution business ground and other property. So, on May, 10th during the IV allrepublican conference of the Crimean Tatar organisation «Milli Firka» headed by Vasvi Abduraimovym, declared aspiration to construct in Crimea high-grade statehood till 2040. We will not discuss the assumption of what resources can make an economic basis of the fantastic project similar, at first sight, — and in this context resale of the grasped earths, and the control over various sectors of local business, and the state grants given on various channels by the authorities of Ukraine are mentioned also. For example, in 2009 the sum corresponding to 8 million of US dollars has been allocated for the program of arrangement of the Crimean Tatars from the budget of Ukraine (without the financing account under other articles).

Representatives of the Crimean Tatars making about 13 % of inhabitants of Crimea, are not bad integrated into autonomy authorities and if to recollect that the Crimean Tatars are the only from the peninsula people whose birth rate exceeds death rate organizational and demographic contours of future «state» (at the first stage — in areas of their compact residing) will start to appear even more clearly. For example, «Milli Firka» suggests to create in Crimea institute of national legal proceedings — kadiyat. It is remarkable that as a substantiation authors of the given idea refer to the Ukrainian legislation supposing existence of the arbitration courts. Simultaneously «Milli Firka» urges to create uniform Crimean Tatar front for a victory on the local elections planned for the end of October. In statements the aspiration to realisation focused on construction of own state «programs — a maximum» about it is besides traced. According to supporters of «Milli Firka» who were considered, by the way, more moderate, rather than «Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatar people», all political forces should «unite in an united front and be consolidated round the uniform program of revival of the Crimean Tatar people, construction in Crimea our statehood — programs of realisation of the Order of the Crimean Tatar people and the Declaration on the national sovereignty of the Crimean Tatar people… We should find forces for the maximum representation of the Crimean Tatars in local councils and authorities». Appeals to giving to the Tatar language of a certain official status on peninsula, to introduction of elements of the education considering ethnic specificity do not stop also.

It is easy to present, what reaction offers can call Crimean Tatar active workers, and also rather probable actions both nonexistent while uniform organisation, and operating groupings, other inhabitants of Crimea. In case of the further advancement of ideas on introduction «kadiyat», or continuations of practice of ground self-captures splash in civil opposition on international and that is especially dangerous, to interreligious soil is provided that can undermine fragile internal political stability in Crimea which has only just started to recover from a five-years period of Yushchenko’s madnesses. Requirements of the Crimean Tatar organisations which degree of radicalism evidently increases, essentially correct also the general policy of the new Ukrainian president and the government in humanitarian (in particular, language) sphere. It is obvious that official Kiev acts in dialogue with the Crimean Tatars from positions more weakness that inspires additional alarm.

The next activization of the Crimean Tatar organisations in an internal political life not only Crimea, but also all Ukraine as a whole, including promotion by them including obviously provocative requirements, can be connected and with factors of geopolitical character. For example, some details of the visit which has taken place in March, 2010 to Crimea the ambassador of the USA in Kiev John Teffta or at all were not shined with mass media, or shined, but is the fragmentariest. After meetings with an autonomy management in Simferopol Tefft accompanied by the leader of not having official legal status «Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatar people» Mustafa Dzhemilev, the assistant to the head of Medzhlis Refat Chubarov and heads of Bakhchsarai regional state administration Ilmi Umerov has gone to Bakhchisarai — one of areas of the most dense residing of the Crimean Tatars. In end of one of meetings Tefft has expressed hope that similar contacts will have regular and system character. And couple of months later Medzhlis declared intention to organise under the aegis of a number of the European and international organisations the special international forum devoted to a problem of the Crimean Tatars.

Visit of Tefft — completely not unique example of active actions of the USA, and also the European Union, in territory of Crimea. Have become constant visitor there and the representatives of Germany expressing liking to national expectations of the Crimean Tatar people. In Crimea various experts spoke about an active role of Turkey and wrote repeatedly.

It is possible to assume that all actions of the Crimean Tatar organisations who would like to be among themselves in difficult relations, actually are subordinated an overall aim and the political in preservation political and social and economic stability in Crimea are synchronised by structures, to put it mildly. And it, in turn, can be reflected extremely negatively and in destiny of the Black Sea fleet, and on position of the majority of inhabitants of Crimea, first of all, is consecutive of Russian population, protect which Russia in case of the beginning of mass riots is not able to. About it has clearly warned the same Tefft, declared that «friends of Ukraine in Europe» will do the utmost that the Osset scenario has not repeated in Crimea. To whom the role southern the Ossetin will be prepared — the big secret, it appears, does not represent.» The ships of the Black Sea fleet of Russia based in Sevastopol participated in this war and fired at cities of Georgia… The Further stay of the Russian Black Sea fleet in territory of Ukraine, especially in the light of the new doctrine of Russia, will continue to serve as an obstacle for an establishment of normal relations between Russia and Ukraine, to serve as threat of territorial integrity of Ukraine, and also one of the reasons of international intensity in Crimea «, — Dzhemilev in EuroParliament has declared on March, 17th. And it — only public statements…

Thus, «the Crimean Tatar factor» remains the important tool of pressure not only upon a new management of Ukraine, but also to Russia. And the progressing friendship with Washington, Bruxelles and Ankara should not interfere with adequate judgement of this unbiased fact.


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