Unification or Split?

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Unification or Split?

Whether there is a split among the Crimean Tatars, the political organisations and currents? The newspaper «Voice of Crimea» continues discussion. To comment on a situation newspaper edition has asked compatriots of people popular in a circle.

Vasvi Abduraimov, chairman of Kenesh (Council) of party Milli Firka:

— To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the term «split». Whether can name we split social stratification in a society, in other words, division on rich and poor or to name split society division on occupation characteristics: engaged intellectual and physical work, etc. Such stratification is available, but to name it split in the nation it is impossible. The Ultimate goal at us one — statehood restoration, definitive homecoming, restoration of the political status of the Crimean Tatar people, language, historical toponymics, cultural traditions. Various political structures see differently achievement of these purposes. And it is normal. In it I do not see split. Different lines of thought to the ethnic question decision existed always. Important that all these streamlets were flown down in one big river. And here when in a society irreconcilable contradictions in strategy of the decision of an ethnic question then we speak about split are observed. Now it is available the deep processes occurring at political institutes of the Crimean Tatars, in Kurultaj and its structures. On fundamental problems which have been sounded in the Order of the people and the Declaration on the national sovereignty of the Crimean Tatar people it is possible to ascertain with bitterness that for 20 years after mass returning of the Crimean Tatars to Crimea any of tasks in view is not solved. The only thing that was possible to the nation — returning and arrangement in the homeland about 300 thousand Crimean Tatars. The decision of other problems in a stagnation condition, for example, restoration of the status of a native language (the United Nations has declared entering Crimean Tatar language in the list disappearing). It is necessary to throw all cash resources of the nation on putting this process in motion.

Toponymics — certification of our national territory… Any concrete initiatives from outside our leaders. Has reached that similar initiatives for us are put forward by representatives of other nationalities. It speaks about much.

Economy… The Crimean Tatars are completely switched off from economic process. If also it is possible to someone, despite all obstacles, to create any business, it cannot be brought even in the average category. That is, and the economic policy is not thought over by Medzhlis.

In social sphere there is a deviation even from those which we already had. The Returned home Crimean Tatars face today insuperable legislative obstacles, even at simple legalisation in Crimea — a residence permit, reception of citizenship, etc., not allowing to feel full citizens of the country. And after all to facilitate moving home to our compatriots there was a direct problem of ours deputies, four cadences without results staying in SR Ukraine. Where do not look, everywhere — full deviation, inability to solve them the declared problems. One or the other: or it is full nonprofessionalism, means these people have no right to head the above-stated institutes, or this direct treachery of national interests what we and have declared at meeting in the Pike perch.

The people do not wish to be reconciled by that applying for a role of representatives of the nation in the world community, the state stay idle. Told should not disperse from business. Existing political national structures could become the useful tool in the decision of strategic and tactical problems, and have turned to office on service of totalitarian will of one-two leaders who have forgotten that existence of the given institutes became possible owing to presence of national problems. In this sense split exists. Today a severe need of deep reforming in bodies of national representation. Probably, it will occur from within. In Milli Medzhlis there are thinking fair decent people who do not agree with a present posture of affairs. For example, Remzi Iljasov has offered new Position about Kurultaj. In it the principle of direct elections of delegates is put, for what Milli Firka always stood up. Then the people can ask from concrete people. In Position it is offered to raise the status of Kurultaj to level of national parliament. It does not conflict to the Ukrainian legislation; similar practice takes place in the international community. The representative body then is representative when half of nation participates in its formation at least. Third participated in formation of V Kurultaj only. It turns out that it is legitimate only for third of Crimean Tatars, for 2/3 nations it is not legitimate. It means that the authority of Milli Medzhlisa falls, to its recommendations do not listen. In other words, reforms in national bodies have already become overripe. Naturally, will quickly carry out reforms it is unreal. Social movement should help from the outside. Otherwise Joint-Stock Company «Milli Medzhlis» will continue to work in an old fashion and long.

Criticising activity of a management of structures of national self-management, we do not oppose their existence as those. In elections of 2010 we intend to take the most active part and we will try to prove, what even at the minimum possibilities it is possible to make much for the blessing of the people. With what we still categorically do not agree are an Antirussian orientation of Milli Medzhlis, frank animosities in relation to neighbours. In Crimea 75 % of Russian are. For them Crimea of roads also, as well as Russia. And these of 75 % of inhabitants of peninsula we incite against ourselves instead of multiplying quantity of friends and sympathising our problems. In the politician it is inadmissible. Artificial erection of barriers between Russian and Crimean Tatars, between Moslems and Christians except harm does not give anything neither that, nor another. Today the main task facing to us — to begin civilised dialogue without which neither Russian, nor Tatars of the problems will not solve. The sane part of our people understands it. Milli Firka for a policy of good neighbourhood and with Russia, and Russian in Crimea.

We for independence and the sovereignty of Crimea as a part of strong independent Ukraine, friendly to all neighbours.

The newspaper «Voice of Crimea», № 50 (833), on December, 11th, 2009


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