Does Medzhlis Provoke Split of «Avdet»?

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Does Medzhlis Provoke Split of «Avdet»?

One of these days in the Simferopol regional Medzhlis the alternative meeting of members of public organization «Аvdet» which have expressed the disagreement with the decision of board «Аvdet» on removal of a vote of no confidence to chairman of the board Mustafa Maushev and the chairman of the Revision committee Ismail Abljatipov has taken place and have made about it a public statement. The organization press-service informs on it.

In turn in public organization «Аvdet» board declare «custom-made character» given «alternative meeting» to what the fact of its gathering in the Simferopol regional Medzhlis testifies.

«Heads of Medzhlis Dzhemilev and Chubarov repeatedly appeared in print with accusatory and offensive statements to ОО» Avdet «and its active workers. Thus, gathering of alternative meeting in a Majlis — in the presence of free premises in staffs of glades of the protest — tells about a withdrawal of members of the given meeting from mission and problems of glades of the protest and about their adjunction to positions of leaders of Medzhlis, repeatedly betraying as the Crimean Tatar people, and public organization «Аvdet «», — is told in the statement of a management of «Avdet».

The organization board considers carrying out of alternative meeting and the statement of its participants no more than «as provocation of a management of Medzhlis, directed on split ОО «Avdet»».

«The facts of carrying out the EXPERT and formations by emissaries of Medzhlis of false lists of participants of national glades of the protest, renders to which»Avdet»information and legal support, confirm that organization discredit, split of ОО «Avdet»and the termination of its activity are an ultimate goal undertaken by a management of Medzhlis of actions. About any interests of the people in this case speech doesn’t go.

Medzhlis management has set as the purpose once again to sell interests of the Crimean -Tatar people in an agrarian question — and to sell as it is possible more expensively. A unique obstacle for this purpose are «Avdet» and people standing up for by it. Splits of «Avdet», Dzhemilev and Co hope to deprive of participants of glades of the protest of unity, and together with unity — and last possibility to receive the earth according to the law. It is habitual tactics of Dzhemilev and Chubarov: to crack the people, then one by one to hand over glades of the protest and to betray interests of their participants », — it is told in the document.

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