Dzhemilev Has Nothing What to Say And to Answer

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Dzhemilev Has Nothing What to Say And to Answer

Representatives of Presidential Administration of Ukraine have asked leaders of Medzhlis not to make comments yet on dismissal by Victor Yanukovych of the head of Bakhchsarai district state administration Ilmi Umerov .The deputy from OUOS has told about it, the head of Medzhlis Mustafa Dzhemilev.

«For us there was unpleasant news a dismissal of last our head of the district state administration in Crimea Ilmi Umerov. We acted resolutely against such step of the President. But today I had a call from Administration and have asked not to make comments yet on this theme. I have been explained that dismissal of Umerov can be technical procedure, and already in the near future he can be appointed back. In any case, we are waiting for the further actions of the head of the state», — Dzhemilev has told.

According to the deputy, situation permissions should be expected after Yanukovych’s visit to Crimea which will take place already in the near future.


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