Goryainov Knows How to Rescue the Crimean Tatar Language

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Goryainov Knows How to Rescue the Crimean Tatar Language

The 25-year-old Muscovite, the researcher of the Crimean toponymics, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Alexander Goryainov has offered the cardinal decision in struggle against disappearance of the Crimean Tatar language: all Crimean Tatars, not able to speak in a native language, should become derelicts, and conversation in other language — should be equated to a filthy language.

«I won’t be original: the situation with the Crimean Tatar language is really bad, — the scientist on weekly journal pages of» Avdet »writes. — But here my sight at a problem differs from the standard a little. Usually speak about a business material aspect much… Here supposedly it is not enough books both newspapers, and schools, both the television, and the status official isn’t present etc. It is all, of course, so. But the main problem is not among books, not in circulations of newspapers, and not in number of the hours which are taken away on the Crimean Tatar language at schools».

«The ruin is not in rest rooms, ruin is in heads», — quotes Bulgakov the young scientist.

«Here again also: the main problem is in heads of people… The Main problem that thousand people who can easy speak Crimean Tatar, and thousand who know elements of language and can easy master it, communicating with friends and relatives, don’t do it. That some leaders of national radio and TV at all forget a native language when depart from a microphone. That at some figures speaking from tribunes, very correct words about destiny of language, children in this language don’t speak, and grandsons don’t understand it. That the situation when the Crimean Tatar doesn’t know the Crimean Tatar language, is perceived by all normally. The situation can change only when the Crimean Tatar, not able to speak Crimean Tatar, will feel it uncomfortable, when nobody will specially pass on clear to him language when he will see disapproving looks of associates. When on the person who knows native, but publicly talks to the father and mother in another’s language, will look as on using foul language. Yes, not tolerantly, yes, probably even it is cruel in relation to some people. But tolerance to not owning will ruin Crimean Tatar language. And no schools, any books, newspapers and television will help », — he is convinced.

Alexander Gorjyainov — the Muscovite, Russian, graduate MAI who has become interested in language and culture of the Crimean Tatars during frequent trips to the grandfather to Simferopol where it was convinced that today the Crimean Tatars in the basic weight — Russian-speaking.

Goryainov independently studies and popularizes the Crimean Tatar language since 2004. Has prepared a directory «Project of restoration of historical toponymics of Crimea», the coauthor of the grant published in 2010 «we write correctly. For the aid to studying the Crimean Tatar language». One of the main founders of Wikipedia in the Crimean Tatar language.

On materials: «New Region — Crimea»


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