Nadir Bekirov: These Elections Become New Experience for the Crimean Tatars

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Nadir Bekirov: These Elections Become New Experience for the Crimean Tatars

On the eve of the election day when subjects of selective process already have to the full declared themselves and prepare for last jerk, the portal of «» has asked the president of Fund of researches and support of the radical people of Crimea Nadir Bekirov to analyse this election campaign in a context of participation in them the Crimean Tatars.

— Nadir, to elections remains literally two days. In your opinion, with what approaches Crimean Tatar community to elections of deputies of local councils and rural, mayors?

— With full disorder and swayings, it if is short. And, as a matter of fact, it is natural process. Any society is a little inert also those phenomena which already in it have collected which demand reconsideration, any society with delay reinterprets them. Last years show that the so-called partnership with party «National Ruh of Ukraine» is perfect itself doesn’t justify, and Medzhlis management for it keeps only because of portfolios.

The old Soviet film «Kysh and two portfolios» is remembered, that is as a result of this union the people receive «Kysh» from all that it is possible, and Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov receive two portfolios. And this situation repeats and repeats. That is the Medzhlis, clear business that there have gathered politicians, people with experience, simply makes a fool of the people some years:« Vote for Ruh, support us ». In summary the people receive about what I have told. People in any way don’t realize that of them simply make a fool. And here now, to local elections, people, can, at all owing to any explanations, and owing to any developed circumstances, have realized that on a pointer of a Medzhlis well-disposed ranks in a precipice to run to what. And it is necessary to make any choice independently, and it too difficult because among political forces of Ukraine practically isn’t present such which it is conscious and are responsibly ready to meet half-way the Crimean Tatars. Not in sense a change: we to you — portfolios, and you to us — voices, and in sense of that the decision of social problems, cultural is necessary for people. Therefore here now disorder.

Everyone who has realized that with Medzhlis it is impossible to have bussiness thinks, with whom it is possible. That is the Crimean Tatars as those — too small group of voters in Ukraine, to generate independent allukrainian party and to follow it, therefore it is necessary to be divided between many. Same Refat Chubarov on one of transfers has told that the Crimean Tatars share practically between nine Ukrainian parties. Thus, of course, he counts that, as before, Medzhlis will manage to cheat the majority and to lead a voice behind itself. I hope that it doesn’t happen. Because, if revolt by the ship began with several voices of protests including mine now we see that the aversion of Medzhlis and its line goes at level of bottoms, and at level of local Medzhlises which, by rules, should submit to decisions of Milli Medzhlis. Though Medzhlis decisions, actually, as a rule, doesn’t happen, as its decisions are called whims of Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov. In Alushta, in Sudak, in Feodosiya, in different Crimean Tatar communities on places people start to conduct others irrespective of the fact how to them imposes Medzhlis. I can’t tell that they will make a correct choice, it in general now is difficult for making, but, at least, they, obviously, aren’t going to be plasticine in hands of manipulators from Medzhlis management. Here so.

— What reasons of participation of Remzi Iljasov on elections of the mayor of the Crimean capital?

— Here, I think, two components. The first. Is at the person psychological complementarity: if he has gone to vote for Remzi Iljasov in mayors of Simferopol, most likely, on other positions he will vote how asked Medzhlis. After all as so: in mayors — for Remzi Iljasov how Milli Medzhlis ordered, and in councils I vote not for Ruh? Time has voted for Remzi Iljasov, simultaneously and for Ruh I will vote where to get to… That is it is attempt to create a certain spark for which moths should gather, that is it is such additional channel of influence on behavior of the voter. The second reason — prospect of Remzi Iljasov. Own speaking, it has nothing to be praised especially on a post of a member of Presidium of Supreme Rada ARC, any serious initiatives at him weren’t in this time. Here it sweet, good life comes to an end, prospects to leave in mayors of Simferopol at him aren’t present, but it has a subject for the auction with who has a real prospect to become the mayor of Simferopol. That is to go and tell: «the Guy, I or remove a nominee, or I on the quiet work on you, or still somehow, you only don’t forget that I was somewhere nearby».

— In August the president reformatted Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatar people. Something has brought it to Crimean Tatar community?

— Besides, that in the end of August the decree about new structure has been published, anything else hasn’t been made. The decree hasn’t been executed, after all council should gather within two weeks, then, as I know, appointed to September, 20-22th once again. I think that council doesn’t work, in a certain measure bears responsibility Vasily Dzharty — on it was is personally made responsible for convocation of this council, he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t do it at sole discretion or on consultation of the president — I don’t know. I so believe that at the president wasn’t present while an accurate position: on the one hand, the Medzhlis teases it and gets against itself yet sensations that a Majlis such uniform and powerful body, on the other hand, haven’t cooled down. I think that the president now plays for time, that elections have shown, who on what is capable, and after that there will be any practical steps. And by itself reformatting, considering that council has made nothing, a little as has given.

Though in the moral and political plan it was important. That is for all: for Medzhlis and not for Medzhlis, for the Crimean Tatars, it has been shown — it is possible to spend any Crimean Tatar policy without that the so-called Medzhlis about it will tell, and in a reality — Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov. It is possible to do it and the world will not turn over.

— On these elections the whole spectrum of political parties has started to involve in the lists of the Crimean Tatars. In your opinion, this practice will proceed and further, or it is «counter» of current election campaign?

— Objectively it will depend that we will receive from these elections, whether Will be from result of these elections, already on November, 5-6th, it is visible that the Crimean Tatars in weight have supported this or that political force. If any political force feels that behind it the essential part of the Crimean Tatars has gone, probably, this cooperation will proceed approximately how tried to do Ruh: «All for us». If there will be a full dissociation, with the Crimean Tatars will work the same as and with other categories of the population. Here each party tells something to state employees, something promises to peasants, students and so on. That is each party in regional scale will tell something for the Crimean Tatars, that is there will be a usual propagation, and purposeful work won’t be.

— In your opinion, whether the law of Ukraine on restoration of the rights before deported and how it is fast will be passed?

— I think that if business will reach its acceptance it will be nothing, that is absolutely insignificant, utterly worthless document. The greatest probability of that outcome, I think, 85-90 %. And if it is the substantial document probability of that it will be accepted — less than 5 %. But it not that bill which can infinitely be postponed. If you come on a page of Mustafa Dzhemilev on a site of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine and look at an expert estimation will see that there is a whole paragraph where three experts speak: the similar law needed to be accepted in the beginning 90 and so on. It and to a hedgehog is clear, but who to you, children, disturbed, if you such clever, and in 2010 know, what it was necessary 90 to accept in the beginning? Therefore, on the one hand, the probability of that the substantial document will be accepted, very small, on the other hand, if it is not accepted, in own way will aggravate a situation with the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine and in Crimea

— What destiny of your bill?

— About its destiny to speak early because we have tried to concern business responsibly, instead of on-propagandistski. And though special calculations on its acceptance at us aren’t present, but, at least, we don’t want, that us have reproached that we have made something not so. Therefore we have prepared four references to the president, the speaker and the chairman of the government of Ukraine, plus the reference to Mustafa Dzhemilev, all it has been translated into the Ukrainian language, have signed. That is paper work is conducted and now work on transfer of the bill on the Ukrainian language that to us only for these formal reasons for us haven’t refused consideration as it is incorrectly issued comes to the end. I think, over the weekend we will officially send mail to these addresses.

— How affairs with the International forum of the Crimean Tatars are, after all it represented as alternative to the World congress of the Crimean Tatars?

— I can’t tell anything about it, I wasn’t neither the initiator, nor the organizer. It was the arrangement between Coordination council, «Milli Firka» and Federation of Crimean Tatar societies of Turkey. Work I has how much far come I can not tell.

Besides, when speak about alternative or about opposition at me the question arises: to whom, to what? Well, there is no such organization the World congress, as the validity isn’t present it, as column or this table at which we sit. There are any empty conversations round it, there is a self-appointed person who considers itself as the president, there are those expenses which are started up on traveling, concerts, dinners, and the organizations — aren’t present. Therefore to an empty place alternative — something existing and to discuss that for alternative to an empty place — it is senseless.

It the same as also conversations on opposition to Medzhlis. I always answer: yes I am not an opposition. Personally I don’t consider myself as opposition, because the opposition is a certain phenomenon which to aspire to occupy that place which someone occupies another. And I personally don’t want to be neither the chairman of Medzhlis, nor its member. At least, in that kind in which it exists now, it doesn’t disturb me. Medzhlis doesn’t disturb me as the person, as to the public figure. It does any attempts to prevent me, but I arrive in this life as if no Medzhlis in the nature exists — they are an empty place for me. But one business when I speak about myself, another matter when I speak about the people. Where, unfortunately, they still have very dim let very dim, weak influence, powder to people a brain, mislead them. My problem — to explain to people that occurs that I and try to do some years.

— In your opinion, what Medzhlis influence in the Crimean Tatar environment in percentage expression?

— In percentage I to you won’t tell, but it is all in figures easily it is considered. In system the Kurultaj-Medzhlis about 5 thousand functionaries, at everyone them them on the average on 5 near relations is 25 thousand persons. Plus approximately to 15 thousand people who are somehow adhered to Medzhlis by different interests — someone have sent to study, to someone promised to send to study, to someone the credit promised to give and any such. Here also summarize: an order of 40 thousand persons round Medzhlis fusses, but not for basic reasons, and for reasons of mercenary character.

40 thousand — quite good figure, but it is unstable, as adherence to Medzhlis is connected with a material interest to Medzhlis, or related communications. And up to a point at Medzhlis ability to satisfy material inquiries these people become indifferent in relation to Medzhlis falls. And if they receive any alternative the same of 15 thousand will easily go over in other party as soon as will beckon a finger, in jam. With relatives too it is difficult — not nevertheless relatives of the chairman of Medzhlis, there are relatives of local structures. And local structures, seeing that the Medzhlis doesn’t consult with the promises in relation to them, they too start to search for alternative. That is disintegration of this case of loyalty to a Medzhlis has already begun with increase of a snow clod. Also can be that already in the nearest some months from these 40 thousand remain relatives not all functionaries, but only relatives of members of Medzhlis. And then this influence can fall to thousand persons.

— And last question. In your opinion, what will the Crimean Tatars from forthcoming local elections receive?

— Material anything especial won’t receive. I think that will receive any positive experience as the political forces, trying to involve the Crimean Tatars on the party, and Crimean Tatars who will vote for those or for those and will look that from this it has turned out. Certainly, at us this experience and so it is a lot of, and all it unpleasant. But here the main thing in what. Here all time tried together for Ruh — have looked that from this it has turned out, now will try everyone in own way and too it is possible to look that from this it will turn out. Year-two after elections will show, who and as fulfills the promises with whom it makes sense to cooperate.

I don’t think that local elections will give much as to the Crimean Tatars, and in general to someone. Though speech also goes about local elections, but, as a matter of fact, it is more on it look as at dispersal to the parliamentary elections, any political shifts in scales of all country, instead of care of the simple person on bottoms though under it masks. It is a stage of preparation for parliamentary elections, instead of the decision of local problems.

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